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Sunday, February 15, 2009

life, modified

Chapter 1:
Well this has certainly been an interesting week. 

It's funny - as I look back on the last seven days, it really seems like I should be discouraged or more tired, but I'm totally not... I'm energized and excited for tomorrow. 

Monday and Tuesdays were two of the most productive days I've had in almost my whole life and I felt on top of my game. UNTIL Tuesday night when my normal braxton hicks contractions turned stronger and stronger until I couldn't sit like normal or stand or do anything but lean over on all fours and whine. That night, I drank a lot of water and took some melatonin to pass out, but the next morning - as soon as I stood up, they started again. 

Nick and I spent the morning kind of laughing about it - while I continued to run after the kids and cart Elias up and down the stairs each time he whispered "pee pee". By that afternoon though, I knew I had to call my doctor because I couldn't quite function. After a few hours of being monitored in labor and delivery and another day or so of the same massive, unending contractions - we started to figure out that this was different than what I've experience in my last two pregnancies and something we needed to take seriously. 

So, I'm on "modified bedrest" which basically looks like normal life with some restrictions. No carrying Elias or carrying Glory for extended amounts of time. No running up the stairs sixteen times a day or sweeping after each meal. No two and half mile walks with Lauren and no cleaning my shower. Wait, I never do that. The point it, after a few days of watching it and being careful, I've started to get it under control. 

Also, we still do not have a name for this child. We were totally set on one and totally threw it out the window. We may call him Elias Powell Connolly #2. I sure love that name for a boy. 

Chapter 2:
On another note - we live life EXTREMELY modified here at New Beginnings. I'm serious you guys, you actually wouldn't believe 50% of the stories of what goes on here if I told you. I think Lauren and I are going to need to find a way to change the names in situations and any identifying characteristics and start posting a story a week. Maybe we'll call it "How-in-the-heck-do-we-not-pee-our-pants-daily-Wednesday" or something. Maybe "Why-haven't-we-started-to-pull-our-hair-out-this-is-so-nuts-Thursday"?

Chapter 3:  
I'll be doing life extremely modified the next few days, sans husband. If you saw the video from my last post, or if you ever read my blog, or if you even know me in general - you know I'm mildly obsessed with my mate. I think he's just about the greatest thing in the whole world and I don't like doing a night away from him, much less FOUR! When he is gone for a night, I usually turn into a driveling pile of dog doodoo, but I have to say I'm really excited for this trip for him. I'm excited to spend a few funny days with my bebes alone. I'm also excited because this is going to be such a great trip for Nick, BUT, I'm going to let him blog about all the details.
My list of things to do at night while he is gone: 
LOTS of tv, obvi. 
paint my nails. 
clean my shower. (ha)
read the 50,000 baby name book in it's entirety. 
whatever else fun you guys suggest. 

ok. that's it for me, now. 
have a good Sunday night, loves. 


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I hope the name wasn't Theodore and my Teddy Bear comment didn't freak you out :) It came from Bear Grylls. Love him.

Lauren said...

oh amy, i love the name theodore so much. i want a little boy named theo so badly. little theo huxtable hogan (except that wouldn't really be his last name, but that does have a certain ring to it:)

michelle said...

oh no, baby #3 name gets kicked to the curb! i'll be on the lookout for new considerations.

braxton hicks = grrrr.

i had those, too. it's like being in labor for months and months. awesome. i'll be praying for your "modified bedrest". and not sweeping the floor as much as you'd like ;) that would drive me mad.

i hate sleeping alone when dave is gone. just let eli sleep with you...i bet he's a good snuggler :)

Leigh said...

Okay Jess here we go with baby name suggestions although I have to say I am in love with Cannon Connolly. seriously in love. it makes me wish my last name was Connolly so I could name my kid that. Also remember Ezra from before you knew if Glory was a girl or boy. Yes love Ezra too. Moving on here are a few new suggestions, either names that I love and my husband has shot down or names that you cannot name your African kids, Alden, Micah, Josiah, Asher, Liam (William if you must), and Caleb. also I am throwing Hogan back out there. just because I can!
I'm sure whatever you name this sweet babe will be perfect!

Jessi said...

Amy, you did not ruin theodore for us, i still love it - Nick hates it. :(

Leigh - Cannon is still my top pick, Nick just can't give in:)

hmmm, thank you for the other suggestions!

Leigh said...

tell Nick he needs to give in! When I told Gray Cannon Connolly for the first time he melted with the thought of how great that name is for a son and said he doesn't like our last name and no good boy names start with an L. The he proceeded to pout about it!
Boy names are hard, there is only 1 that Gray and I agree on but it kind of sounds funny with MG's name!

suzannah said...

file this under "not helpful at all but funny":

celebrity baby name generator

good luck with the modifed bed rest and taking it easy.