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Monday, February 16, 2009

simple prayers.

Praying some simple, simple prayers today.

For my kids - that they would know how much the Father loves them
because of the way I show them love.
For my husband - safety and comfort, excitement and anticipation.
For our house - repentance & truth.
For myself - more thankfulness & gratefulness.

also, if you're a charlatte friend, I know that isn't our home anymore, but we sure do love that city and want to see the way Jesus wants to see it. Check this out.

Ok, friends, what are you praying for today?


Nick said...

I like that...where did you find that??!!

also..I think that drummer is a papertongues guy...I think...He always holds the stick really high in the air before he hits the drum.

Milovy said...

That is my friend Jessi Fisher! He and his wife Lindsey started this. It's really quite amazing. And yes the drummer is Jordan from Papertongues. ;)
It's so neat to see the word spreading across the country!

Nick said...

That is hilarious! I would have never known (about the drummer) until he stuck his hand in the air!