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Monday, February 16, 2009

the sweetest kisses on earth

Our Glory-girl is about the prettiest little fireball I've ever met.
She will bat her eyelashes at you as she swats the top layer of epidermis off of your face, but she WILL.NOT.CUDDLE.
She won't hug or snuggle or anything, she's just too feisty and hardcore and we love her that way.

Until today, oh - sweet today.
All of a sudden she was looking at me fondly as I was telling her the story of her birthday (true story), and she looked like she wanted to kiss me. So I said, "Glor - you want to kiss me?" And this is what happened. Thank goodness my handy flip camera was nearby so I could video us together in our sweet moment that may never happen again!


Nick said...

That is hilarious...she better not kiss anyone else like that! That was a passionate movie kiss!

Jennie said...

oh my word

Leigh said...

thank you nick for jessi's valentine's day gift. it is a gift for all of us.

I don't think there are too many babies that are more precious than Glory!

Angela and Devin said...

seriously made my day. not much has made me smile today...just been one of those monday's....but that video done my heart good. thanks my dear. love love.

kalle said...

sweeeeeet. glory that's quite a kiss!

michelle said...

we better make sure my elias doesn't get left alone with that glory girl of yours...he kisses a lot like that himself. real romantic and open-mouthed. just sayin ;)