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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a helpful brother

Because I'm an uber-planner, I've been worrying about our time in the hospital here having baby 3. I have a ton of helpful friends here, but they all have babies of their own and I just know I can't ask them to take care of my kiddos while I'm having my c-section and Nick is bonding with his second little boy. My mom & stepdad are coming out just after to help, my dad & stepmom right after that. My sweet sister would probably pay a million dollars to be here, but it's during her last few weeks of school and understandably, her students need her. I would count on one of our ministry assistants, but New Beginnings has a girl due the exact time as me and I want them to be able to focus on her. What to do, what to do?

Then today, it came to me.
Ask this guy.

Just kidding, he's not Satan. He's my awesome brother-in-law, Josh. He just happens to be playing Satan in an Easter production at their church called The Thorn. I gotta tell you, this is him only like halfway dressed up. The pictures are TERRIFYING. I've never been one for dramatic performances in church, but I am dying to see this thing. Not just because it stars Josh, my sister as an angel-dancer, my little sister as a part of Jesus' disciples, and my precious nieces. It looks amazing and I hope many, many people come to know Jesus through it. Pray for The Thorn if you think about it & pray for the Walters & everyone who is a part of the show, which by the way - they don't get paid for. They have like 13 shows in a row to do as a family and definitely pray for Katie, she told me that last night Josh came home in all his crazy makeup. Freaky. Not to mention he is so dedicated he even shaved his head... bald.

If you're in the North/South Carolina area - go buy a ticket!

All that said, we're really excited Josh wants to come help us out while we're in the hospital. It's so great to know Elias' beloved Josh will be here to play with him and Nick will have some good man time at night with him while Tres and I rest.


kellybollman said...

OH MY GOSH. That is the first Josh as satan pic i've seen!!!
That's awesome that he's coming!

Iris Hartrness said...

I just looked at the Thorn site...that's quite a production. Is it that full blown at Seacoast? With the fire dancers and everything? I think I saw the Satan character in the trailer...yeah, that's freaking scary.

JARED said...

he looks just like doctor manhattan from "the watchmen." just saying.

kalle said...

that picture scared me quite a bit.

Pinkie Winkie said...

I'm glad you're getting good help. That's the hardest part about having a new baby-the other little muffins at home!