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Saturday, March 7, 2009

larlar tribute #1

This will be blog Issue #1 of how many it takes to honor our sweet Lauren. I'm going to just randomly list some of my favorite memories and things about her.

1. One day about a month after Glory was born, I was helping Lar trim her hair and made it look identical to mine. This prompted us to dress up like one another to the extreme. I made her carry Glory around for like thirty minutes. Here is the blog she wrote about it.

2. One of my favorite things about Lauren is she really likes to impress you with stories or information. Atleast once a day, she'll tell me that she is about to make my day by some info she has for me. However, she refuses to let you impress her with your bits of news. When I tell her something and expect her to just die laughing or with excitement, her response is usually: "well, obviously". She keeps me humble.

3. When Lauren emailed me to show her interest in coming to New Beginnings - her entry line was literally, "I mean - I could come and help fold laundry or something". She is service oriented to a fault and will give until she actually dies. For this reason, I helped write an email to a potential job prospect this week and forced her to type the word "hire" and delete the words, "help out".

4. This picture.
from now until forever, a picture of love ingrained in my memory will be Lauren, standing in the kitchen, covered in flour - making something. A cake, some bread, some lasagna - something.

5. You have to love someone that you has seen the same kind of crazy you've seen and knows neither of you could ever explain the bulk of it to someone else. Some phrases I could say to Lauren in ten years and we would both either cry, roll our eyes, or die laughing:
"my mom cooked with honey!" (there's a shoutout for you Kendra), twin pictures, pepper monster, Mason, the dungeon, juicy ******, goat meat, drunk jimmy, crazy m and her voices that night, back alley prowlin, baby teething necklaces, glory & Rodney Dangerfield, brittanynicole, the kind of people who wear christian tshirts, monday nights - or was it Tuesday?, swings in the closet, shrek hair, pink hair, tendrils, dominating - whether it be Glory or Beulah, "yeeesssss", baby snatchers, and quizzes
Just to name a few.

... ok, look out for installation number 2 coming soon.


Lauren said...

i feel like a dooba commenting on this, but whatev.

i am sorry for not allowing you to change my life by information you tell me. i will amend my ways in the last 10 days (i meant to make that rhyme).

yeah, i'm stupid and said i'd fold clothes. to anyone else reading this, that offer is a one time only offer to the connolly family. it's off the table.

twin pictures! holy mess, i'm scheming right now for my twin picture curtain call.

back alley prowlin' said in a kenyan accent, then followed by several 'yessses' (that's right i said it)

closet swings, and trying to reenact the angelina jolie eyebrow raise from the tacoma paper.

okay, i am currently working on a new beginnings retrospective, stay tuned.

and i love you.

wight people said...

yeah...I'm sure going to miss this girl.

staci with an i said...

this makes me want to know her :)