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Thursday, March 5, 2009

hospital update

*** Update *** Sweet baby girl was born last night at 8:29pm to a trooper.
Seven pounds & 4 ounces. Keep praying if you will, she is having some trouble with her lungs & will be in the NICU for a bit.

In case you missed this last blog, I'll not scare you and make you think that I'm in labor.

We've (Lauren & I) have been at the hospital the better part of today waiting on one of our girls to give birth and it's been a sweet reminder of how blessed we are to be a part of this ministry. There is kind of nothing greater in the world, than getting to walk a whole family (or really - two families) through a birth and adoption, while getting to talk about Christ and his adoptive love for us.

Still no baby yet, our sweet Victoria has been a trooper - we're about twelve hours in and she still hasn't gotten an epidural, she's just barely grunting at each contraction.

Also, I'd be lying if I said being here wasn't making me anxious for my own hospital day coming up. Now - if we just had a name for our little son-to-be.

2 comments: said...

there are tears in my eyes as i read this, and the one before. tell her from one adoptive mom to another, i'm so stinkin proud of her, i'm praying for her, the baby, and her labor, and i'm praying for her family. this is the most precious thing ever. i love you guys <3

Nick said...

wow...that was close...I thought for a sec that I missed the birthing of baby number three.

Thanks for settling me done love. I was freaking out!

J.K. I love you. I love your blogs. I have to throw an off the wall comment in there every once and a while!