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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

your birthday every day

When we were praying about coming out here to be the houseparents at New Beginnings, I kept getting so excited about being their for the birth of babies. I would picture myself holding their feet and grunting with them, maybe quietly shedding a tear when she did the final push - standing silently on the side of the room the first time she held her baby. I constantly would tell people, "it's like your birthday every day!". Outside of Jesus & my family, labor and delivery is about one of my favorite things in the world. 

We've had twelve girls live here over the course of the year and because of circumstances, I've only gotten to be present when one of the babies was born - and it was a c-section. For a few Nick has been out of town, for some Glory had just been born, and in general - I've just not been able to be there. Lauren has been a great assistant and is there for them, but in the back of my heart, I'm always dying a little bit when I get the text in the middle of the night saying the baby is out & I'm at home - wishing I could have been there. 

Switch the focus to Victoria, one of our newest girls who we are pretty much in love with. Right after her interview, I told Nick, "I want her baby". Of course, I was kidding - but she is truly the whole reason we think New Beginnings exists. She has a great, supportive family - but just needed some time and space away for the end of her pregnancy and birth, to feel taken care of and get some peace. We got a major little shock tonight before dinner when we found out that she is going to be induced tomorrow due to some minor complications. 

She really only just found out she was pregnant a month or so ago, and tomorrow she is going to be a mama. The adoptive family that is going to raise her baby just found out that they're having a baby tomorrow too, & they're coming tonight to meet her. Right now we're in the middle of an emergency childbirth class and after this we have about a zillion things to do to prepare. She is still in a bit of shock, but her sweet little heart is taking it all in stride. 

If you would, pray for her tomorrow. Pray for her sweet baby girl, for their new family. Pray for her biological family and the doctors who will take care of her. And if you think of it, pray that I'll be able to contain my excitement because I will actually get to be at the hospital WITH Lauren if everything goes as planned. It is one last hurrah for us together and a really sweet gift from the Lord. I mean, it's all really about Victoria tomorrow, but I'd by lying if I said I wasn't about to pee my pants. But don't worry - I'll keep a calm face and won't mention that I feel like it's my birthday because I'm so excited. 


Annie said...

Beautiful! I'm praying.

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

I will be praying for all those things and for YOU and Lauren especially to be available for what God has in store!
On another note, I'm praying for an 'appointment' with you when things settle down...I'm thinking a nice long coffee-video-chat is in order, whatdayasay? Thanks for the update, it warmed my heart. love you, momma

kellybollman said...

I'll pray!
This is unrelated but I saw it today and thought of you & Nick: