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Monday, April 13, 2009

funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Since I was trying to be a good mama and let my babies have some traditions, we went on Saturday to buy some plastic Easter eggs to hide and then find. Of course, on Saturday, the whole world was basically sold out of them. Instead, all we could find were the pre-stuffed eggs with hard candy. My kids barely get candy, much less hard candy, so we knew we'd have to be creative with how to handle that situation.

I've got to hand this one to Nick - not only for a crafty solution, but a hilarious one as well. He somehow convinced Elias that the candy wasn't to eat - but to smell! So all day yesterday and today I've been actually dying laughing as my sweet son runs up to me repeatedly with a plastic egg, saying "open please" and then taking the candy out, sniffing it, and putting it back in. Some videos to tide you over. The first gives you just hint of the smelling sensation, the second is Glory just being cute with her baby.

Hope your Easter egg hunting was just as hilarious as ours:).


Leigh said...

seriously you are the most hilarious parents. please please please keep at least 1 egg with hard candy in it until we get there to see Elias and his crazy awesome smelling powers.

Glory is too much. Nick better watch out all the boys are going to be after her with those kisses she is giving out.

Mere said...

that was hilarious!! I love how Elias was truly content just smelling the candy... so great. Thanks for the entertainment!

Amanda said...

Hilarious! Kudos to Nick for thinking that up. PS your laugh is contagious. I was laughing because you were laughing :)

Carrie said...

Loved the vids of the kiddos. So fun to see them in person- this is totally random- but just read Lauren's blog- and you know Linds and I are in Charlotte- I would love to meet her and maybe Linds and I could employ her from time to time as a sitter? I have peeps that could use her too- lots of friends needing some sitters. Could you tell her to call me- or email me? I don't know how to get in touch with her. she can email me at
and i loved post about the messy parts of life. so true. and most days i am glad for the mess- because no mess = no need for God's grace!!

Thanks so much.
Tu amigo es mi amigo. Especially if she loves Jesus.