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Sunday, April 12, 2009

pictures of a connolly easter

egg decorating


baby name witness protection, sorry

food, of course.

all in the family


Pinkie Winkie said...

Your whole family is absolutely darling! You are all so photogenic, I swear! Your pictures are like an ad in a magazine!
And I'm MAD that some people know the name and I'm not in that inner circle!!!

Nick said...

What a great weekend. Cannot wait for future Easters with Jesus, for Jesus...Lord willing.

michelle said...

jealous you managed a family pic!

katy :) said...

can i just tell you...i had some down time at work and was checking your blog, and left it sitting up for a minute...when i came back to my work station there was a crowd of nurses around your little family picture talking about cute you are and your little family is how they wanted to be you. too cute!

i hope you are doing well!

katy field :)