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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

rejoice week, day two.

Have you ever gone through a season where you should have felt intense pain and didn't? Or maybe you should have been miserable and instead, you were content? When I was pregnant with Glory, a lot of you know, we went through a season where we should have felt intense fear and for some reason - though I'm a worrier to the extreme, I couldn't make myself worry, couldn't make myself fear.

Ever since that time, if a friend has been in need of peace, if I've felt in need of peace - I've felt this insane trust that God would provide it. I truly believe that He gives it in the perfect measure that we need - if we will only stop looking at ourselves to answer all the questions on our own.

So today, I'm rejoicing about peace. In John 14, Jesus says,

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world
gives you do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled,
neither let them be afraid."

I love this particular promise of Jesus', because it is so clearly NOT conditional, NOT seasonal, NOT pending on our behavior. No matter what, He left us with the Holy Spirit - the comforter to bring peace to our hearts and he promises that it's like nothing we've ever had here.

some particular pieces of peace I'm rejoicing over:
(I'm sorry, I can't help myself with the alliteration)
- that I'm saved by the blood of Jesus. Regardless of what I do,
when God sees me, He sees me
covered in the blood of Christ and that will not change.
- that no matter what happens in politics, in Africa, in the future, in the
courthouses; Jesus appoints and allows it all.
- that at some point, pregnancy has to end. It's a gift, but it's
also a massive relief to know that I won't be pregnant
with this baby six months from now.
- when Glory sits still for like ten seconds, just to enjoy sitting with me.
- pictures like this of our backyard like this.

So, how about y'all? What makes you feel peaceful these days?


Milovy said...

Jess that is my life verse (JOhn 14:27). Love that you posted it.

michelle said...

knowing that i'm not in control. that gives me such peace. i really LOVE how God cares for us...that somehow, despite ouselves, we're important to him. that also gives me peace.

blessed in our mess, we are.

Leigh said...

okay one huge thing that I have seen lately is peace in our fundraising. so many people have asked us how we think we are actually going to raise this money during this economic crisis and even though I don't have those answers I am at peace, He will provide. With or without the money God called us to this and He has plan.