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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just ignore me.

Seriously, am I about to write a blog about
the Real Housewives of New Jersey?
the Bravo TV show?

Is it slightly important in the grand scheme of things? nope.
Is it good, quality, wholesome tv? not really.
Should you probably read ahead if you have even a mid-level of intelligence? nah, dawg.

But I can't help myself.

Seriously, y'all - I can say with full confidence - this has been my favorite tv show of all time. Over Friends, Seinfeld, Lost, American Idol - you name it. My favorite is by far RHO-newjersey.

Why, you ask. (or probably not since you're not reading this)
1. Dina. Best character progression in a reality tv show, ever. She started out seeming like a shallow meany, and she turns out to be the really warm mama who decides mid-show to quit her career and spend time with her daughter. I just loved watching every scene with her & her daughter, Lexi, because she spends so much time laughing. I can't spend five minutes with Glory without laughing - even when I'm disciplining her - I love it when mamas have fun with their girls.
2. The b-word. If you watch it, you know it. I'm assuming for propriety sake that this blog readership is mixed company so I won't say it but I will tell you that Nick and I have added it to our vocabulary.
3. That their family is thick as theives. Here's a good clip that has inspired me to get a watchdog.
4. I gotta say, I love that they all for real have mob connections. I guess I don't really like the fact that they could have me whacked (isn't that what they call it?), but I don't think they would - I think they'd invite me to lunch & I'd tell them about Jesus. And they'd tell me about plastic surgery.
5. I love that Theresa secretly spoke in italian to her husband on the finale last night. You think she is just a silly stage mom, no way - that lady has some brains.

Ok, almost done.
If you're still reading and you like this silly show as much as I do:
here are some inspirational links to keep you going:
- Thank you JPH for this beaut: An old VH1 of Dina's wedding! And her husband!
- The ladies blogs


Nick said...

You are hilarious.

The Noy Maker said...

Jessi-I admit it! I LOVE that show and all the other HW ones! However, sadly, last week we got rid of our cable so no more guilty pleasure for me=( I'll just have to get my online updates from you and Bravo!

Carrie said...

OK- I am going to tune in- love your wit. what is the b word? i love new vocab.

Leigh said...

Dina and Lexi make me laugh too hard.
Gia's line "You bet I do" was the greatest.

I can't believe it was only 6 episodes, I feel totally cheated.

Jennie said...

"We broke up and he was out in the Ferrari with his friends...I'm throwing up in the fetal position"

Dina. Love it.

staci said...

oh my GOSH I JUST WATCHED THE LAST TWO EPISODES!!! i just put a comment on my facebook thinking 'no one will know what i'm talking about'. teresa was so BAD-A in the last episode. and i LOVE caroline. i'd stick up for amber like she does for dina. i hate that i love this show. but i really DO. and for the love of all things holy, jacqueline, sweet girl, you have GOT to ditch danielle. she is like a caaancer. and i love the b word. i'm trying to sneak it into my vocab ;) oh yay i'm so happy you like this show too. (rhw atlanta makes me want to puke)

Milovy said...

Um I love this show and I love Caroline.
"I'm old school. I live for my children. I live for my husband."

Also, we've added the "b" word to our vocab too.

Jessi I think you're my "likes" twin. We like almost all the same things.

Jennie said...

Hold on to your hats...(or bubbies?)...

"Out-delivering all broadcast and cable competition on Tuesday, Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey delivered big, table-flipping entertainment and ranked as the #1 rated television network with adults 18-49. The finale broke network records as the highest rated telecast of the Real Housewives franchise ever, bringing in a total of 4.6 million viewers!"

It's not just us.

Now on to So You Think You Can Dance...

I love summer.

lauren said...

I loooooove the NJ housewives!! They come in a close second to the OC housewives! But the season finale was by far the most entertaining/stressful episode of any television show ever created! Those ladies are insane, but I love them!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

ok true confessions. After my company left on Sunday I flipped on this and stayed for two hours! Never dreamed that my sweet darling daughter would be blogging bout it days later:)
but seriously, this is why we love reality tv. it makes our own failings pale in comparison.

Old Woman said...
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Old Woman said...

i'm a jersey girl. i watched, i laughed and i was embarassed for all the jersey girls out there. too over the top. grew up in the area it was filmed; its not like that.