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Thursday, July 9, 2009

you know what?

I think I would blog a lot better if I didn't feel the unnecessary pressure to put a picture with each post. Who do I think I am? An awesome photographer? Maybe I'd relieve that pressure if I stole pictures from other people - you know the perfect creative window into my soul regarding whatever it is I feel like writing about. I don't think that's ethical though, huh?

I told my sister I'm pretty sure that I woke up on the wrong side of the mommy-bed a few days in a row. My dad and stepmom, Judith, have been here visiting the past few days and it's been so awesome to have an extra pair of hands and playmates for the babes, but something about a little bit of help makes me a little braindead too. It's kind of like I'm two minutes behind, with nothing planned, waiting for someone to tell me what comes next.

Yesterday in a thirty minute span, Benjamin blew out his diaper (literally poop up his back to his head), Elias woke up from a nap with massive swollen hives all over his body, & Glory managed to get her diaper off during naptime & played poop picasso. For a few minutes, I had to stand there and just sort of stare around and then I realized, "oh! this is all my mess to clean up!".

So, how do you make sure you get back on track when you're off-kilter? When there is three laundry piles instead of one, you don't remember the day of the week, your toenail polish is long past expired, and the days (and sleepless nights) don't stop coming? Here's my plan:
I'm going to pack my market tote TONIGHT rather than tomorrow morning.
Make a long list.
Consolidate said laundry pile.
Cuddle with handsome husband.


K Walters said...

i am blogging sister:)if im only back to leave comments its so worth it!!
i love you. u know I have no tips for this, most saturdays are this for me. But, I do LOVE your new blog header. K

Emily said...

Oh Jessi - I don't know much about photography, but I think all the pictures you post are pretty amazing, not to mention the posts themselves being clever and insightful. I can only imagine how overwhelming it can all be from time to time, but know that you are an inspiration to me. I hope I'm half the mom that you are...and I'm with Katie, loving the new header!

kellybollman said...

hey love, just really wanted to say hey! I've felt way off this week too, with no good excuse... praise the Lord we no longer have terrible poop episodes - I would need serious counseling or maybe my children would - hehe. But, I'm going to do today what works for me... set me annoying kitchen timer for 15 mins. and focus on one thing. Then stop when it goes off and feel sooo much better that that thing is checked off the list. Then go on to the next thing OR just play and feel less guilty cause i got something accomplished.
yeah and if that was all just mumbo-jumbo... i like your header too!

wakeforestmama said...

hi! i'm jennie's friend from wake forest and i love your blog! if the hubby is home get out of the house, go on a walk for as little or long as you can, coffee on the porch, whatever. that helps me decompress. but i'm only dealing with one. and if the hour is right a beer combined with chores and even poop is even more bearable! i loved your last post, by the way. you have a gift for writing.

michelle said...

i feel like when i get organized or make a list or do one thing that will make me feel better (like snuggle my husband or paint my toenails), it makes it a little easier to deal with poop picasso. because SERIOUSLY, i know you MUST encounter those moments frequently, where everyone's melting down or everyone needs a diaper change. those moments require very longgg, deep breaths.

bravo for even taking photos since benj has been on the scene, nevermind indulging us all and posting them. i know that compulsion to always include a photo, but it really is a lot more work. paint your toes, instead.

and your header? delighful!

Leslie said... Jessi! i love reading your posts, even the ones without the pictures! ava grace and glory have the diaper mess thing in common... we use duct tape every time, but somehow she still manages. sigh.ra

Nick said...

I love you wife. You are an amazing wife and mamma.

Leslie - put the diaper on backwards. It works every time (as well as in function). Unfortunately, this was not what we did with Glor because we thought we were past this...I guess not. BUT when you do it, it works.

Leslie said...

good thought, nick! we'll try that out tomorrow!

Jessi said...

I'm glad everyone likes the blog header, I thought it might be a bit masculine;)

Definitely go for the backwards dipe, Leslie - BOTH of ours have fancied themselves artists in the past!

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

i finally have internet access...and got to checking my bloglines...and found this post with a link to our blog. IT MADE MINE & DANIEL'S DAY! You're the best! Gracias!