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Monday, August 3, 2009

a case of the mondays

One of the fun parts of having three babies so close together is that your oldest two go through the "terrible twos" together. Today, I was that mom. I woke up early, had some time with Jesus, I promise I could almost hear birds chirping as I cooked breakfast. Took Glory & Benjamin grocery shopping, fed them all a nutritious lunch and ahhhh.... here it comes, my reward! Naptime! I decided to be a multi-tasker and pre-cook dinner so I could relax later and that's when it all went south.

Elias took NO nap. Benjamin took about a thirty minute nap. Glory woke up about an hour & a half early. That's ok! Let's still try and conquer the world, babes! I decided to get us out of the house so Nick could unpack and off we go, to the library! Then the Starbucks! We'll be back at six to throw the chicken in the oven, miss you Daddy!

Did you know that it is not just a stereotype that librarians say "shhhhh"?
Nope, if you have a screaming 16 month old in a library - she will walk over and loudly say "shhhh" in your face. That's for real.

Also, one of your toddlers may have the strength in their sweet little arms to
shatter a pastry plate at Starbucks. Too bad you didn't see which one,
I don't think it matters when you have to call and apologize.
Oh and if your boy toddler flails himself on the ground in the Starbucks parking lot and takes his shoes off because you just threw his "treat" in the trash (I mean, you have to after the plate is shattered) - don't freak out. Just laugh (hahahahahaha) and then discipline him in the car.

Disclaimer: I don't write this post to shame my children. I love them like nuts and they are a huge sign of God's grace in my life.
At dinner they had me smiling and laughing like the whole day was erased.
They are sixteen months and 30 months, life is hard for them with no naps. They're sinners and they need grace and sometimes they need blogs written about them - just to say,
Seriously, Ya'll?

I just want all you mamas to know, it's not just you. We all have days like that.
(Say you have days like that, PLEASE!)

But here is a picture of how I feel after today:


kellycowan said...

i have no idea what you're talking about.
he he. just messin.

michelle said...

WHAT?! i'm not the only one?!?

lol, i know those days so well. SO well.

indyhumes said...

I love this post...and I love the pic!

Leigh said...

So in like 2 years can you refer me back to this post.

Nicole said...

PRICELESS- you are one amazing mom jessi!

Rachel said...

You are my hero for taking three babies out all by yourself. It doesn't matter what they did or how they acted. You still did it. I'm figuring I won't attempt that for about 5 years.

I would have had a reply for that librarian that would not have been honoring to my Jesus, it's a good thing I wasn't the one shushed.

Jennie said...

While I do not have kids right now, I totally anticipate those days and have experienced them with friends. I once told a friend's son "Dude, man up!" during a tantrum outside of a restaurant.

Jennie said...

fyi, i recognize that shirt...

wakeforestmama said...

haha, that son who was told to "man up" was mine. and that was a special day. and we have had many more special days--and i only have one child.

you are quite an inspiring mom from your writing to simply taking three little ones to starbucks. even thinking about taking mine to starbucks makes my heart race--or maybe that is the 3 cups of coffee i've had at home...fuel to chase my 3 y/o!

(oh and jennie is the best babysitter and does a great hickory-dickory-dock with mine...i think your kids would adore it!)

christy said...

you are too brave. I would NEVER take my kids out of the house without a nap. I'm just too much of a wimp. We are often shushed at the library also. Librarians have no sense of humor or appreciation for cute kids.

kim said...

go to the redmond library...cole was being a loud crazy man last time i was there and i apologized...the lady at checkout said, "oh, it's ok! we love kids here."
you are such a good mommy btw. and brave. love to you!

Carrie said...

i don't know you (well I do- but we just haven't met) but I love you for posts like those. i feel you and I only have one! i promise- when you get to the days of 3 year olds you will forget how hard 18 months-36 months are a beaut even when you are exhausted.

jill said...

jessi, this is amazing. i'm speechless at your candid humor. YES - i have days like these. just remember we live by what we can't see: faith! whew!