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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ohhhhh, Tuesdays.

The best thing about Tuesdays is they just HAVE to be better than Mondays. 

On Sunday, Pastor Mark encouraged us, well - just told us, 
to nightly count the evidences of God's grace in our lives. 
Sunday night, my husband encouraged me, well, 
TOLD me I need to be doing the same. 

Monday was rough and it was hard to see God's grace, but it was there - for certain.
Tuesday was just extra special because I didn't have too look far for grace, it was jumping out all over the place

A morning playdate with newish friends. 
Gloriana setting her affections on sweet James. 
An encouraging word from sweet Annie

I yelled one time and then thought - 
"this is the first time I've yelled all day!"
Then, I apologized. 

All three children napping (AT THE SAME TIME) for about thirty minutes. 

Then Nick gave me an hour and a half off to go 
on a coffee date with Kalle, Pearce, & Benjamin. 
I'd like to quote Kalle who said, 
"We have the greatest job, huh?" 
over coffee and grocery savings talk. 

Then Glor & Elias helped cook enchiladas and we all 
laughed, laughed, laughed. 

Elias decided it was time for his first tattoo. (I think he has an amazing role model)

Glory decided it was time for her first ponytail. 

I went in thirty minutes after the kids were in bed, 
Gloriana had pulled her "bow" out & Elias was still looking at his sweet car "tattoo". 
Now Benjamin & Daddy are laughing on the sofa. 

Wednesday might be hard, but today it was easy 
to see and be thankful for evidences of grace.
Thank you Jesus for loving us & being the best part of our family. 


kim said...

can't wait to do it again!
good for you that you are seeking out the amazing gifts God has placed in your life. every single one is intentional. yesterday, cole and i both slept in (until joke) AND i woke up before he did, had enough time to shower, blow dry AND flat iron....h-o-l-y m-o-l-y.
i just kept thinking..."this is such a gift from you God, what a gift....thank you"
ahh, the little things!

michelle said...

i LOVE these pictues.

ummm, glory, your PONYTAIL is ADORABLE?! piper is so jealous...or maybe i am?

the shot of nick and elias is priceless. love. it.

Nick said...

I love our kids so stinking much.

I love you too as well. We do not deserve them. I do not deserve you.

staci said...

glory is looking VERY mature & beautiful