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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sometimes I feel like God's provision is a little messy & something we shouldn't talk about because it's shameful or when people are involved, a little weird. But, I think God should get glory all the time when he takes care of us and so I'm going to use this little blog to do just that. I won't list names of the people who've helped us, though I'd really like to, because I don't want to embarrass them and because I know they are giving and generous not for praise, 
but for love. 

So, thank you Jesus and thank you so much to the peopl
who have been so giving and helped us through
 this time with a gift or a loan. 

This month our rent, our massive car repair bill, cell phone, and a few trips to the grocery store have been taken care of. Also, Nick has been working for a sweet friend who offered him work to help us through this time. And as of last night, two very crazy people paid for our internet and basic cable for a year. A whole year. Is that for real? Any of it? 

While my diligent husband works super hard to find a job that will provide for us, I'm so thankful for God's provision that really never lapses - not during a tough economy, not during a job transition, not during a move. He always shows up, always provides. Gift giving is the major way I show love for people and not being able to do it in medium-sized or big ways for a while is hard for me, but I can't wait to give back to these people. To call them & say we've paid for a plane ticket for them to come visit, or a fruit bouquet on their front door, or some groceries for them as well. I can't wait. 

Until then, thanks Jesus & thanks friends/family. 


Anonymous said...

This really true...My husband and I are in the middle of a job transition and selling a house(which keeps running into delays)all while expecting our first little one.
It is really stressful, but we have God's awesome provision in big and small ways.
Anyways...I find it encouraging to read about another family seeking to trust God and be thankful for His provision.
(by the way, we went to Mosaic Church in Charlotte while you guys were there. Recently we relocated to Denver, CO. We never really knew you but actually went to the Helou's small group, too.

Nick said...

I second that Love, thank you to everyone but most importantly, praise be to God our Father who continues to amazing me and continues to use people to serve his people and love his people.

michelle said...

and aren't you always grateful for an opportunity to have to really trust God? and then when you see him work through the hands of those around you, it's such a blessing. and not just to you, but to those who can bless you as well. it's so good!

suzannah said...

we've been through seasons like that, too, and it is AMAZING how God does provide through the generosity of friends and anonymous "benefactors."

in time, you'll be in a position to give back, or even better, to be God's generous hands to someone else who is struggling through a rough patch. we are truly the body of Christ, and caring for each other practically, tangibly, and even financially is what the Church is all about.