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Monday, August 17, 2009

This is me, at Starbucks, smiling.

Why? Cause that was one of the best birthdays ever. Honestly, I expected to have to suck it up & be a mama and not get time with Nick and just deal with it, but it was a really sweet day. Here's why: 
- Nick's clock was set wrong this morning so he had 45 extra minutes and made me breakfast. 
- Kalle, Marilee, & Annie all came over for a breakfast playdate. 
- I had an Atkins cheat day and ate all of the following: chocolate chip pancakes, biscuits, brownies, cookies, fries, pizza, and granola. 
- Right before I put her to bed, Glory said (for the first time unwarranted)
 "I love you Mommy!" ugh, heart is on the floor melted. 
- Elias took a nap for the second day in a row in a big bed, 
making my life soooo much easier around naptime!
- My husband had an amazing first day at Re:Train
- I had 99 birthday wishes on facebook when I came to check my email tonight, SERIOUSLY? I didn't know 99 people even knew my name. 
- This is the last night I'll have to come to Starbucks to check email since our internet gets installed tomorrow! 
- I read these blogs by my mama & Lauren, sooooo sweet. 
- My husband got me the sweetest card ever. 
- The barista at Starbucks just said, "Didn't you just order the same drink in the drive-thru a few hours ago?" Yes, barista I did and I don't feel ashamed - thanks to sweet sbucks giftcards from Annie & Kalle. 
- I planned a playdate with Kelly today, and I really love her. 
- I got to talk to my sister, who is a stay at home mom - YAY! - like three times today. 
- Did I mention the atkins cheat day? 
- I got to read my Bible & continue my study on Ephesians six. (righteousness, righteousness, righteousness - that's what I'm trying to figure out, not what I'm full of) 
- Phone calls with Mere, and a sweet message from Laura T & one from Stacy, too. 
- Oh, and my kids made NINE dirty diapers today. Normally, that would make me ill & sick but today it made me PROUD. Good job kiddos, nine poops is nothing to hide. 

No sleeping in, no time alone (except these few minutes at Starbucks while the kids are sleeping), no shopping or extravagant parties... but such a sweet day.
 I feel overly blessed, too much.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous day! I hope tomorrow and the next and the next... are just as sweet. And that potty training comes easy for all 3 - it's going terrible here, fyi :)

wight people said...

YAY! I'm so glad you feel so blessed and happy about the way the day went! Fun this morning- more fun forever. Love you, Happy Birthday!

N. Toft said...

nine poops...L.O.L. happy bday!

michelle said...

sounds like the perfect day and the perfect frame of mind :) an well done cheating on the atkins! atta girl! glad you had a special day!

Leigh said...

oh so glad your day was sweet! loooove love!

ps. you hair looks AWESOME...just sayin.