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Monday, September 7, 2009

cinema sensitivities

Is this a phenomenon of motherhood that no one told me about? 

Lately I've noticed a frightening trend. 
I genuinely can't enjoy any movies - specifically children's movies - 
if they have children in peril or any kind of maternal sadness.

Let me give you some examples: 
It all started with Monsters Inc., when I couldn't stop thinking 
about Boo's mother. Did she know Boo was missing? Had she called the police?
Why didn't she check the closet for monsters?! 

Then we moved on to Stuart Little and I was crying myself to 
sleep thinking about all the orphans in the US, in the world... wondering if 
there is a family for them. 

And don't get me started on the river scene from Prince of Egypt. 
That I know that story is true only makes it harder. 

And THEN this? If you haven't seen Lemony Snicket's, maybe don't. 
About six times while Nick and I were watching it, I said, "I shouldn't be watching this"
and I kept doing it anyhow. What a horrible, scary movie! Those poor kids!
That poor sweet baby that reminds me of Glory, yikes. 

So, I'm not sure if it's motherhood or hormones or age or whatever. 
I'm cutting myself off from paying attention to children's movies. My heart is burdened by real life enough that I don't think it's totally necessary that I spend most nights awake worried about Melman from Madagascar and whether or not he got his prescription filled. 


michelle said...

lol. melman, melman, MELMAN!

you're just a compassionate mama, but i do agree with you. i assume they figure little kids aren't keen on these complicated emotions that parenting evokes?

you know what i think is even worse (not for us, but for them)? how much subtle (or not so subtle) violence is in (especially) disney movies. elias keeps running around saying he's the "henchman" and he's going to "kill" someone.

how do you explain snow white to a 3 year old?? ahhh, it's so complicated, vanity, evil, and the like! lol.

"well, love, the queen wanted to be the prettiest (?!) so she put a hit on snow white and asked that the henchman cut her heart out and bring it back in a nice little box. you know, pretty standard..."

indyhumes said...

It's not just you......

Anya said...

It's not just you at all - the only movie we can watch is CARS - and I watch it at least once a month and bawl at the end...every time!!! I get teary thinking about it...I think of towns like 'Radiator Springs' that people just forgot about.
Anyway, you are not alone!