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Saturday, September 5, 2009

a conversation.

nick: are you going to take a shower tonight?
jessi: i think i need some words under 'babes having babes'. something clever.
nick: (makes a face) no. 
jessi: like 'the seasons are changing' or 'fall 2009 edition'. 
nick: or 'hot and fresh out the kitchen'.
(i put words under the blog title and show him)
nick: (makes another face) 
you bloggers like that. 
you should ask them if they like it.

I think he was referring to you guys. So, are the words silly? 
also, if you're not inclined to help us solve our silly debate - there is a 
normal silly connolly family post below. 


lauren said...

i agree with nick that bloggers like words under blog titles. or at least, i like it... sort of like a book's subtitle. not sure what a good subtitle would be for yours, but you're clever so i'm sure you'll think of something!

kellycowan said...

okay. the seasons are changing is straight forward. it's kind of boring (hey i am your honest friend) BUT it's not trying to be something. it just IS WHAT IT IS. the seasons ARE changing! with y'all and also literally. for that reason, because it's real and not flashy i like it. if you want something clever, maybe keep brainstorming.

Lauren said...

'hot and fresh out the kitchen', please.

If it were me, I might say, 'dirt on my feet: living life, one shingle at a time.'

you see? topical.

Leigh said...

i like it! of course since you can change your blog header at the drop of a hat if you decide you don't like it tomorrow or in 3 weeks then change it.

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

only reading your blog for a short time, but had to comment. I practically had a book under my title! in fact, just recently I removed a large portion and placed it under "my profile." sigh. y acan never have enough words... or commas! haha.

PS: I did like "hot & fresh out the kitchen" :)

kalle said...

i def don't hate it. and i think in general some words under it are good. you can change them whenever you like

michelle said...

lol. i love how he says "you bloggers" even though HE is a blogger ;) nick- you make me laugh ("hot and fresh out the kitchen"...reminds me of lyrics to old school rap songs)

i like subtitles, i just don't think i could sum up my crazy life in one sentence. unless i pulled a paul (as in, the apostle) and got my run-on on.

plus, you make my headers ;)