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Saturday, September 5, 2009

things I'll never say

Oh how I wish this post was about my favorite memory in the whole world that is attached to this song (things i'll never say), a convertible, and the morning of my wedding.
 Alas, that is another blog in itself. 

No, this is about a blog of Kelly's that inspired me. 
She wrote about things she never thought she'd be into &
one thing I NEVER thought I'd do would be....

Spell out words. 
And yet I do. My little babes are becoming more verbal by the minute - seriously, it is FREAKISH. Elias has been practically mute for two years and all of a sudden now, he is speaking whole sentences out of the blue! 

So here are the words I am destined to spell out for 
the next few years, I'm afraid: 

  • t-r-e-a-t. (this can mean anything from a cookie to a special trip) 
  • b-a-t-h. (my kids love baths more than life itself. i've found myself just eradicating the word shower or bath from my vocabulary and instead I say, "Tomorrow morning I need to work out and then take a b-a-t-h." even if my kids are not around.)
  • w-a-l-k. (meaning - in the stroller, around the neighborhood)
  • b-y-e-b-y-e. (glory is the biggest social butterfly i've ever met and she wakes up in the morning ready to go 'byebye!'. i try not to tell her we're leaving until the second we walk out the door but she has learned a few triggers: if I pull out benj's carseat, if I put on makeup or shoes, or if i look for the keys - she starts screaming "BYEBYE!")
  • h-o-u-s-e. (elias happens to be the opposite of gloriana in that he is a HUGE homebody. so if we're out somewhere and i accidentally say house, it's all over. he also know when we get of the highway if we're going home or not and will cry or delight accordingly. 
  • w-o-r-d-w-o-r-l-d. (their favorite show in the whole universe.)
  • s-n-a-c-k. (saying this world in the wrong context to a connolly child is also dangerous. 'snack' can only mean a packet of fruit snacks. if you say, "Elias - you want a snack?!" and give him banana, watch your back sister.
and lastly.....
  • d-a-d-d-y. if I can't produce him in an instant or take them to where he is, it's better if i just pretended he doesn't exist. i've tried redirecting them to pray for him, draw a picture for him, call him, look at pictures of him... no go. he is the ultimate t-r-e-a-t. 


kellycowan said...

toooooootally. gotcha gotcha gotcha co-mama. i just wish i could spell as fast as josh. more importantly i wish i was a better "virtual speller" (i don't know what else to call putting a word together that you are spelling). i think i only actually understand half of what people spell to me. ;)

Natalie H. said...

This is a great post. You just summed up a piece of "mommyhood" so well!

Nicole said...

I love it!

christy said...

Can't stop smiling!!! Love it! D-a-d-d-y is THE reason Jack wakes up in the morning and we have to talk about it all morning and show him the truck is gone, dadddy's at work, he's bye bye, he'll be home soon....Such Fun!

michelle said...

i love when you go to spell something, but the very act of spelling it out loud sounds close enough to the word itself, and they totally know what you're talking about. busted! kids are too quick, man!