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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 questions with Laura T

I have a sweet BFF who lives in Slovakia, Laura.
That's for real - I'm not saying she lives reaalllly far away - she is actually a missionary in Slovakia.

On the off chance we get to talk every few months, we should talk a lot more - it's hard to catch up on everything. The past time we talked, we settled on four questions to span it all. I think we literally skyped for about an hour and a half & only got thru these four questions.

1. tell me something great as of late
2. tell me something hard as of late
3. tell me something about your family
4. tell me something about your friends

So, here is a much more watered down version for the blog world.

1. Something great as of late: TV. (I said watered-down, ok?)
The other night Nick found a million awesome channels on our basic 13 channel cable! Bravo! E! TLC! HDTV! I'm not even kidding. That is GREAT. Right now I should be sleeping, but I'm watching the season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project. Bananas, right?
2. Something hard as of late: P90x.
I said I was going to write an update post about it, but I can sum it up on here. It's just getting hard to do it every day and REALLY do it. But hard in a good way. Tonight when I was working out, I kept thinking, "I wish I could just lay on the floor and watch tv and do leg lifts like my mom and I did when I was in high school". But the point is, that doesn't hurt or really do much of anything and I want big-time results so I've got to make some big-time effort.
But, oh how I'd rather just enjoy an hour sipping coffee.
3. Something about my family: I'm falling in love with my kids.
I've always loved them, duh - but the shock of how hard it is to care for three under three is slowly wearing off. In the mornings when Nick leaves, I don't get scared and I don't count the seconds till he comes home EVERY day. I'm loving how much Elias has SO MUCH to say, how silly Glory is getting and how she is all of a sudden liking to snuggle and hug on me, and well - Benj, what do you say about that kid? I can't be in his presence without smiling. So yeah, I have a crush on them.
4. Something about my friends: they're very graceful.
When I have playdates or go to them - my friends don't get annoyed that I can't have deep conversations because Glory just spilled 600 goldfish crackers or because Elias has a poopoo. When (and not if) Benja pukes on Annie's cute maternity shirt, she doesn't even mind. That is a blessing I take forgranted too often.

So there is my four things.
I'm "tagging" all of you.
Please post your four things, ok?


Laura Troutman said...

Man, I loved catching up with you. And although I'm super flattered to have made a blog appearance, I'm incredibly embarrassed that anyone who clicks on that link will see just how horrible I am at blogging myself. Can't I just hire you to run my blog as well?

Chelsey said...

I know you don't know who I am, but I was good friends with Chris Williams in college. I think we may have met once. Anyway, I've been reading your blog forever (but I'm not a creep), and today I decided to do your four things...

Have a great day!