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Monday, October 12, 2009

What's my name again?

So, to my knowledge none of my children know my given name.
I promised myself that I would keep at least some of my identity in that I wouldn't go around calling myself "mommy" every two seconds. But let's be honest - I also said I wouldn't use passies or let my children watch tv, or - wait: that will be another post in itself.

Anyhow - Elias went thru a hilarious period where he yelled out "NIIIICCCCK" whenever he wanted his Daddy. It sort of made me laugh and sort of made me sad because he said it in my same screeching voice and he mostly said it when he had a poopy diaper. Oops. But honestly, Nick rarely, rarely ever calls me Jessi, when he does - I usually do a double-take. He almost always calls me "Jess" (which I LOVE) or some kind of sweet petname (e.g. "love") - didn't see that coming, did you? It's TRUE!

Well, back to the point. He never calls me Jessi and so I honestly didn't think they even knew that name. So Glor and I were looking through the amazing pics The Beautiful Mess did for us, playing our normal picture game. She gets to point to everyone in the picture and say their name and describe what they're doing.
"Daddy coffeeee!"
"Elias fall?"
"Benja Gory HUG!"
too sweet!

Then we come to this picture:
And she proclaims, "JACCCCEEEEEEE!"

What? I back up one picture and say "who is this?"

Once again, I go back to the picture and hear, "JACCEEEEE!"
I call Nick over and show him the phenomenon and we go thru all the pictures, where she calls me Mommy. Then - we get back to this picture -

Nick points to me and says, "Glor - who is this?!"

Well, listen - I think my little girl might be seeing something.
Not just a spit-up-wearing-milk-fetcher-and-piggy-back-ride-giver,
but a real person, with a real name.

Thanks, Candice and Daniel - your pictures may have brought me back a little.
But I will always love being Mommy first.


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

too too sweet...

michelle said...

l.o.v.e. glory- you're adorable.

dave never calls me by my name either. i think i've heard him say it maybe 5 times in 5 years. there is something funny about elias yelling "dave!" around the house. actually, they call each other captain dibs (ie, dbs) and captain ebbs (ie, ebs), which i think is hilarious. but no one round here says michelle.


i'll be looking forward to being recognized as both ;)

suzannah said...

funny! it's crazy when you can see the little wheels turning in their heads as they learn to put together complex thoughts. very cool:)