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Saturday, October 3, 2009

forever pictures

I'm not sure where to start. Well, maybe with - if you haven't already, go book Candice & Daniel at The Beautiful Mess. It's worth the investment. If you don't live near them, pray they take their next vacation near you. Just do it. I like to take pictures and I think I take sweet ones of my kiddos sometimes, but nothing is like these. I really can't even begin to describe how well I think they captured our family. This is a season for us that is riddled with sleepless nights and outings rushed by looming naptimes, baby feedings, and hectic schedules. But now - I have a whole day documented forever, for us to look on - and laugh, and say, 
"this is what it was like". 
SO, thank you guys so much. 
We will always cherish these. 

i love that they were able to capture the hilariousness of our stroller outings. 

ugh, beauty queen. 

i would like this picture on my nightstand when I'm 80, please. 

blessings, blessings, blessings. 

my boyfriend. 

the most handsome first born son ever. 

this will be BLOWN UP on a wall in our house for years to come. 
and it will of course make many appearances when Elias is a high school senior.
oh, the symbolism. 

our family.


ok, that's only some, go check out their blog for the rest & book them - today. 
Thanks guys, we love you. 


Angela said...

love love love each and every momma in visiting us in music city this weekend, so we enjoyed looking through all of the photos together. your family is precious! miss you all.

wight people said...

I seriously can't believe how PERFECT and fantastic each and every pic is. LOVE this photo shoot!

Leigh said...

LOVE! all of you are beautiful. And seriously how on earth do you score 3 kids that adorable...some people don't even get 1 that cute and yet you got 3, not fair.

Andrea said...

Just beautiful! That little Elias is a heartbreaker. Oh my!

lauren said...

if i were 25 years younger, i would so call dibs on elias! and your family leg picture is pretty much the best family picture ever. i want one of my family!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

love love love these! beautiful family, beautiful pictures!

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

jessi. i am SO SO glad you love these. just wait till we post the 'lovey' pictures of you and nick tomorrow!!!! :)

thank you for the sweet sweet post. you guys rock!

a slice of my life said...

These give me the chills! So beautiful!

michelle said...

there's just something about photographs that takes your breath away for a moment, isn't there? it's art...of YOU beautiful connollys!
tell candice and daniel to come to's a great vacation spot :)
the pictures are AHHH-mazing. (small squeal)