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Sunday, October 4, 2009

ten years old

Ten years ago this month, Jesus gave me new life.
It feels too big to describe that night, or maybe too abstract because it was truly a second-long experience where He reached into my heart and, the next minute - everything was different.

Maybe some day - we could have coffee and I'll tell you about it.

What do I say about these last ten years?
I'll tell you - I certainly feel like a ten year old child when it comes to maturity.

Ten years ago & still some days I wonder at what secret is in my heart that makes life seem sweeter and softer, then I remember it's Jesus. On days where I feel like I could not be more of a dumb-dumb and I feel a million miles away from the beginning of sanctification, I only have to think for two and a half seconds about how empty I was before Him and I'm relieved.

Relieved that I know truth and grace and Love.
So, thank You Lord for ten years of slow, but sure growth.
I can't wait for eleven.


Nick said...

What a sweet blog. I feel like a 'kid Christian' or a ten year old too.

Love you and happy rebirth day.

K Walters said...

Aghh. LOVE this new blog, the header. the content. well the content is the same- straight goodness. But- I just love you. And PS: your the wisest dang 10 year old I know...1 corinth.3: he says doesnt matter spiritual age, matters effort of walk for growth+holy spirit + getting the cross. SO..Im just saying, new name..maybe u need to start claiming..this aint no babe havin a babe...:)

K Walters said...

and PS: NICK you are no "kid either" lets be are the wisest, most faithful man of God I know- second to my husband only cause I see him more closely. It makes me not boast in you, but in Him...well you, kindof, and me i guess to- cause i do talk a lot about "my church planting brother that is so awesome yada yada.." all kindof to boast in me maybe..sin issue, perhaps. but either way Im just saying He has for sure grown a get ready for whatever man like things he keeps bringing cause you keep being faithful and trustworthy to the "mysteries of Him" thats a big job...yep. think I just wrote a blog, as a coment that wasnt even on your blog..sorry its late. love you.

Nick said...

Thank you Kt. You are right you do have a very wise husband.