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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i love my weirdo.

Do your kids have idiosyncrasies?
Do they make you pee your pants laughing?
Here's our new one:

A few weeks ago, Elias started getting VERY PARTICULAR about his blanket placement. He liked his ONE blanket spread just underneath his chin & just beneath his toes - tucked in.
Not too weird, right? (blanket count: 1)

A week or so later, he stole Glory's matching blanket and decided he needed one for the top half of his body & one for the bottom, completely tucked in.
Well - high maintenance, but no big.
(blanket count: 2)

Yet another week later, I had one of Benj's blankets slung over my shoulder for spit-up protection as I put him to bed and he threw a massive fit - demanding it be added to his top half blanket cover-up. I agreed to his demand because I was tired & I didn't think it would end up in his line-up. (blanket count: 3)

Imagine my frustration with myself when I made the same mistake with another of Benj's blankets a few nights later.

And now, we're up to four blankets.
They must all be securely tucked around him & his lovey and puppup must be shoved up in his ears. If one becomes loose in the night, we are awoken with an ear-piercing "BLLLLLAAANKKKKEEET! COOOOVVVVVEEERRRRSSS!"

The truth is, I don't think he's all the sensitive or in need of blanket security,
I think he just likes to be fussed over:).


Annie said...

Love the picture.....and that kid.

Leigh said...

now that picture is a keeper for sure, that's one you will be pulling out on prom night showing his date and years later showing his kids. Love that crazy kiddo!

mares-e-dotes said...

first of all, how did that baby get so LONG???!!!
second, I really couldn't love him more.
third, weird is SUCH a good thing! Precious E!

kim said...

a quadruple swaddle! what a cutie.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

what an odd coinsidence... wes has a blanket fetish too. it's a little different but weird nonetheless. he wants blankets blankets and more blankets all the time. he finds all that he can in the house and piles them up. i try and stop it but he pitches a fit. its so weird. glad hes not the one lil boy out there in love with blankets... and hes never been attached to a blanket before in his life!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

ps - his smile is exactly like his dads in that pics :)

Rachel said...

I think Elias and my boys could be best friends. I thought it was just my kids that were super hyper about the funniest things. But blankets is just the tip of the iceberg at my house. Elias is a major cutie in his swaddle.

staci said...

awesome, e. i used to ask for assistance AND permission to uncover after i was all tucked in. as if the blanket was just too heavy for me to lift on my own. e is so cute :)