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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just some pictures.

go red sox.

cars & dinosaurs. all he needs in life. oh, and trains.
and nemo. oh gosh.

playing princess

ketchup face

sick day

sweet girl

this picture kind of breaks daddy's heart.

elias is kind of a manchild lately. can you say growth spurt?

just being squirrels.

post-naptime dairy treat.

afternoon snack.


Andrea said...

Such sweet pics :) Especially love the one of them eating cheese sticks...ahhh siblings. Adorable!

Leigh said...

so cute. Glory's hair is so curly and cute, I love it. Elias looks like he is getting so tall too. And Benjamin, if only I could get my hands on that child and kiss those precious cheeks.

Angela said...

ah-mazing. each and every one made me smile, but especially that first one of benjamin. precious to the MAX.

erin said...

i can't believe the curls on your girl! and they look like twins in the string cheese pic. wow.

ktabs said...

Glory's curls are SOO cute. And i love the "break daddy's heart" picture. All of them are precious.

michelle said...

right?! can we TALK about glory's curly curls?! does this mean these is a chance (albeit slim) that pippa could wind up with a wave in her straightness?! be still my heart.
and those boys are justtt to handsome. i want to squeeze them all. maybe we can meet in nebraska for a play date. that's about halfway, right? ;)