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Monday, October 19, 2009

Nonny List, updated.

- make my mom a new blog header, the last one I made her is struggling
- do atleast one day of p90x doubles
- laugh as my mom takes in how big Benjamin is!
- enjoy as she sits in wonder at alllll Elias is saying these days, video chat does not do him justice!
- have a playdate with as many of my friends as possible so she can met the kid's friends and experience the Mars Hill Baby Boom (that is not so much a boom, since it is constant)
- take her to coffee
- beg her to help me set up Elias' new bedroom & playroom

- maybe take a nap while she plays with the babes
- complete my goal of having all the laundry in the house clean at one time
- run some errands that I wouldn't normally be able to do without help!

What an amazing two day, seriously. I don't know how to reconcile how badly I want to be near my mom and sister (and ALL family) and the fact that we're pretty sure the Lord wants us outside of the Carolinas, but weekends like this make it so much more tolerable. That the kids are starting to understand this big extended family that we don't always get to see just blesses my heart. So, thank you Nonny for coming. What a joy.

Oh, and this week I will complete that laundry goal, you just wait for the post.

1 comment:

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

Would have loved for you to be able to strike through "nap", but wouldn't trade any of the other experiences. Except maybe the P90X Yoga that I only did 10% of and still feel like I've broken a rib:)
Seriously, it was a perfect visit. Wouldn't change a thing, but will pray for it to be more regular. Love Love, momma