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Sunday, January 3, 2010

back to regular programming.

Wooooosh, that was quite the unintentional blogging break.
I find that when we're on vacation in Charleston, everything slows down and speeds up all at once.
We're trying so hard to get all the family memories, wishes, & relaxation packed in - we're exhausted at the end of the day. But we're also ridiculously unplugged. I look at my cell phone like every three days and forget about email all together.

So, blogging all of a sudden feels daunting and impossible but I'll start off slow and copy everyone else's creativity today. Here's my semi-fun, light-hearted to-do list for 2010.
(come on, of course I have a more serious list - but it's private)

- Wear more hats. (not figuratively, literally)
- Find as many people to play the Twilight boardgame with me as possible.
(NW ladies, date as soon as I get back?!)
- Potty train at least one child.
(also, sidebar funny story: Tonight I told Elias that we were going to start seriously potty training when we got back home and he was elated! His response, "TRAINS GO POTTY?!" - oh geez.)
- Learn how to bless people better and do it. We've been so blessed in 2009 and it's time to pay it forward. Look out world. Coffee, cards, and baked goods are coming your way.
- Repair some of the heat damage done to my hair.
- Dance to Beyonce more often.
- Read through the Bible with my husband.
- Never go that long again not visiting the east coast. (a whole year!?)
- Last but not least. Do this trampoline workout at least five times before we leave the East Coast. Nick says he'll film me.

Ok, that was an easy jump back into real blogging.
Enjoy your Monday!


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Ok, so have you tried jumping on a trampoline since you had babes??

I did. ONCE. It was at my cousin's daughter's bday party at a gym. I went to do it and my cousin was like "You are going to wet yourself a little bit" and I replied "NO WAY!". Well... you know the rest of the story. Be prepared :)

Leigh said...

I hope you are having a fabulous fabulous time with your family. Every time I remember you are with them I smile, I know it is such a blessing for you and for them.

PS REALLY need to send you those pictures of the headbands, can't find my stupid camera anywhere.