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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Our stash is bananas.
The scary part is, sometimes we have to get some more around Friday.
Am I raising children or monkeys?

update - I took this picture on Saturday & just asked Nick how many bananas we currently have at 10:47pm on Tuesday night. His reply=4.

PLEASE tell me what your family devours like this. Juice, beef, eggs, soda?
Bananas are our big one. If you cut us open, we will bleed pure potassium.


Leigh said...

Well since there is just two of us there isn't much that we go through in bulk like that but we do use about 1 whole head of garlic a week, I always feel like that is a ton of garlic for two people. Totally random I know.

Lexi said...

For us currently... Eggs and Bell Peppers - don't ask how many it is insane and embarrassing! Though when Parker was 6 months to 11 months we LITERALLY went through 50 bananas a week, mind you there was a world wide banana shortage due to hurricanes in Ecuador so we had to go from store to store early in the morning to get enough!!!

Jessica said...

I totally hear ya! We went grocery shopping on Monday and we totally bought all of the organic bananas! That was like 25-30 bananas and we only have 6 left! We also go through 4 gallons of milk and 60 eggs in a week! Big family= big groceries;-)

Mellu said...

Bread... we go through a ton. We could easily go through a loaf a day or so. (well, anytime we have toast or make sandwiches for everyone, that's a half loaf right there)

Milovy said...

Sadly, it's soda. I'm addicted to Coke Zero and my husband loves Sprite.

Rachel said...

Ummm, I think bananas and apples tie at our house. And milk and bread. Those four are staples and my boys will go through them in lightening speed.

Also, my mom just sent me this email that says if you separate all the bananas from the bunch they don't ripe as quickly--I don't like mine with any brown spots. Of course it doesn't seem like ripening quickly is a problem at your house. :)

Carrie said...

My kids are bananas, they eat at least two a day. They sit out and are at eye level at our house and make a quick yummy snack and my 5yr can open them himself.

And ceral, who goes through two or more boxes of panda ceral a week? we do!