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Friday, March 19, 2010

fashion? friday.

I fully intended to take a picture of my outfit each day this week, and I also intended to actually get dressed. I did that for one day, took one picture and whole-heartedly decided to quit.

Instead I wore jeans, yoga pants, & crocs almost every day.

This week hit me like a ton of bricks and all of a sudden - feeding my kids, reciting scripture, serving my husband, and trying to keep my kitchen semi-clean was really all that mattered. Doing those things partially well took up enough energy to fully distract me from what I was wearing.

So here is a post about crocs instead.

In pre-children days, Kalle texted me one day and asked my opinion regarding the appropriateness of wearing crocs. In my snobby "i-work-at-anthropologie-and-only-wear-clothes-that-say-something-important" mentality, I really thought it over and then decided:
Crocs are only wearable for before & after yoga class, and gardening.

Then I saw the Mary-Jane style ones and eventually bought them just before we moved to the Northwest because I knew I'd be running lots of errands and doing lots of housework and I thought they'd be helpful for that.

Well, all I'm saying is. This week I ran no errands, did no gardening, and only did yoga within the comfort of my living room. But aren't those crocs so nice for hiding half-polished toes?


suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

hahaha. i'm not a crocs-wearer, but looking nice post-baby is hard! so little fits, and really, are ya gonna cart the kids out to try on new stuff?

my nicest clothes were all recent christmas gifts, and i'm so grateful.

Pinkie Winkie said...

Jessi?!?!? Crocs?!?!?!?

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I've never tried crocks, so I can't knock em. I don't think they look terrible, especially the mary jane type in black.

I'm a reef sandal girl. Once the weather is warm, its all I wear. When it comes to fashion, I am a dud. Always have been, as you probably remember :)

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I want to add that I do wear jeans and a tshirt with my sandals, so technically, they aren't ALL I wear. Heh.

kalle said...

lol jessi

kim said...

i have those mary-jane ones too and feel the same way about them. i only let myself wear them in the summer when running around and in need of shoes i can hose off! i wore them to the dog park mostly. ;)

inthemiddleoflife said...

what's really wonderful about turning older is when all the new styles of crocs are exciting and cool to wear...just because you can:)
there's a new sandal style this year that i think will be great for hot pavement on lowcountry days!
love you and your maryjanes.

Rachel said...

My initial thoughts on Crocs were that they looked like clown shoes. That was back when the only style was the basic 'gardening' variety. And then while pregnant with Bennett and working in a preschool chasing 2 years olds my feet hurt no matter what shoes I wore and I bought my first pair, they were light and they only shoes that helped with the foot aching. And I got bright blue just to emphasize the clowniness.

Now I have those same black Mary Jane ones and a pair of red that are ballerina flat style. Yes that's right I own 3 pair. Of course the blue ones have been retired to only being worn around the yard.

AND, my boys love wearing crocs. They are great for when they are in a hurry to get outside. Plus since I don't really like sandals for boys they are great for them in the summer. It's nice when even at a young age they can put their shoes on themselves.

Can you tell I have become a fan? And I don't even care if they do lack style. :) And now I have practically written my own blog about crocs.