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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

on the homefront

On the homefront, I have very little to update.
We're kind of teetering extremely close to considering ourselves unpacked.
Watch out, now.

But - I do have three things I would like to say.
#1) What do you think about wall decals in general and specifically headboard wall decals?
If I had a fun, whimsical room I think something like this would be fun. But it would have to be an out-of-the-way room.

But the headboards, I don't know - I think I kind of love them. Because of spatial requirements, we've recently abandoned our wrought iron king size for our plank queen, which is good for intimacy and simplicity... but I need a headboard.
Thoughts? too juvenile?

#2) My only tip to offer is homemade yogurt.
Annie clued me in to this recipe and I LOVE IT. It only saves me about $3/week because I use organic milk, but still $3 is $3.

#3) I have a future obsession.
Meaning, in the future, I will be obsessed with it.
Now I just dream. I've informed my husband that once we are settled and can begin collecting it, I'd like to switch to using Fire King Jadite dishes. You have to collect them from ebay and antique stores, but it's worth it to me. I just think they're beautiful and I want them to be our future-new-nuetral. Oh, one day.

Ok. Hope you're all well.
What are you home tips & tricks for the week?


Marisa said...

i went thrift store shopping today and scored a pampered chef chopper for $2.99. i think i bought mine for close to $40, so my brother is the lucky recipient of my score! the other highlight was bringing home the game rummikub for $1.99. thank you value village!!

and not sure how i feel about wall decals. the headboard one you have pictured is pretty cool looking, but is it still cool looking when it's on your wall and not just a picture?

Angela said...

We have this decal above our bed and love it.

Since we can't really paint the walls in the rental, it helps give the place a little character. We love for decals.

Milovy said...

Love wall decals and plan on putting one in my future nursery (whenever we have or adopt a baby)- probably a tree branch and some sort of bird motif since I'm obsessed with birds.

Also, I love the headboard idea - you could also make a headboard out of a big wooden frame and stretch some pretty fabric over it.

Love this!

michelle said...

i really like the idea of a headboard decal. it will add a focal point, save you room, and heck, it'll look fab! you could even draw and paint a design if you didn't find one you liked enough. i love that one over the couch in the pic. if only my ceilings were more than 10 feet tall!

Angie D said...

LOVE the headboard deal. May have to steal that idea! I've always wanted to make my own headboard but alas money and time are always waring again me. SO, a decal or painting to look like a decal sounds right up my alley. thanks to your friend for the tip too. ;)

Jill said...

seriously jessi. i don't understand how you have time to have a mental life. love your blogs, love your thoughts, your creativity, heart for repentance and redemption, and blessed hope. but dang. for lack of a better word i am boring and uneventful! we went to the park today and my kids are fed. that's all i got -- HAHA!

Larca said...

Walgreen's freebies!!!

Today, I bought Colgate Toothpaste for $3.99 (reg 4.39) + tax and received a $4 coupon to spend next time. Well, next time for me is right then... before I leave the store. I just do 2 transactions.

With my $4, I bought Rimmel Mascara (reg. $6.98) for 50% off and I used a $1 coupon from the Red Plum thingy that came last Tuesday. Plus, I bought 5 packs of Cinnamon Trident (my favorite) that was marked down to $0.32. I had to pay $0.46 because they don't cover sales tax with the $4 coupon thingy (aka Catalina).

So... for $3.99 + .34 tax + .46, I bought $17+ worth of stuff!!! :)

Carissa said...

Okay. Decals: We have a large partridge in a pear tree in our front hall and it starts peeling anytime it gets humid. So I just scoot around daily and press it back on. Kind of annoying, but if it's cute enough, it's worth it because it doesn't damage the walls. Try Ikea.
Headboard: LOVE IT! Another tip (sort of an offshoot from someone else's comment :) Big piece of plywood +soft batting+cute fabric and buttons + a staple gun. Go to town. Bet you can finish in under an hour :)
And I love those dishes.

kellybollman said...

thought on the decal - not loving the one pictured... I don't know. Perhaps it's because I'm lacking a headboard and want the real deal. But, I was thinking of your fabric art. What if you had one or two boards and did some fabric art like a headboard. I like it.