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Monday, March 15, 2010

I must be actually insane.

A few things:
a) I cannot believe I'm doing this.
b) I don't think my hair is beautiful or tutorial-worthy, but enough people have asked how I do it and so I will pass along the info. I did spend many a night googling hair youtube videos with Lauren to finally get something that worked for me, so hopefully this is helpful.
c) in these tutorial photos, I have on no makeup. So... yeah - here is full disclosure.
d) enough warnings.

So. To begin, you should know - I LIKE sort of nappy hair.
Smooth, silky hair is not really my thing. My logic is...
nappy, voluminous hair makes your face look smaller.
If I'm wrong, don't bust up my theory, I'm comfortable with it.

So to get big waves, my first step is nappy. I get my hair as gross as possible. I want as much volume as possible and also, the more coarse your hair is - the better it holds heat. To get my hair coarse is um... not hard. But I do it like this. Wash it at night, dry my bangs, put a little bit of relaxer in it and then sleep on it. The next morning, I begin this process.
Hold on to your hats. I wish I had one.

(I only braid it in the morning b/c I can't stand to look at it - that isn't part of the process)
you should have coffee available.
there she is, in all her glory. nappy wave.
I separate it & grab a thick chunk.
curl it like a ringlet, but start up high.
it's like curling ringlets, but you don't start at the bottom of the strand, start up near the top.
do all of the bottom & let the crazy top down.
mix in the top & bottom strands to make it cohesive, smile at benja in the background.
keep going, all around the top. Starting at the top & leaving a small little tail.
sip of coffee, you're almost done.
mess it up, swing it around, go a little nutty.
if you don't mess it all up, the curls will sort of meld together like a 1998 promdo.
brush it all out to make soft waves and smile using your teeth - you're done!

Now, that is a massive process.
But I do it twice a week and touch it up in the mornings.
And I promise never to do that again!


Lexi said...

ok your gorgeous! BUT I am already confused though... What do you mean by "start at the top?" when you curl each ringlet? I need sub-steps between pics 3, 4, 5 for hair dummies!

Jessi said...

sorry, I should've explained better with words. You know how when you curl a ringlet you start curling with the hair at the bottom of the strand? To do this you basically start the curl at the top of the strand (leaving a little tail) and then curl DOWN rather than up. I should've made a video:) The true story is I actually DID make a video but Nick was singing the little mermaid in the background & i just couldn't do that to him. :)

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

love this! you are so pretty! :)

Hilary Surratt said...

Great post! What size curling iron do you use?

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

this is so weird. and helpful. i have a barrel iron that i've been afraid to touch, and i love me some big messy hair, too, so this might just be for me. instead of the go-to messy bun:)

your hair is lovely!

does that mean you only have to wash it twice a week? or do you just not "do" it in between?

Nancy said...

Okay, looks easy enough but how do you do this in the morning with 3 little ones at your feet??? Most of the time I flat iron a couple of times a week but I have to do this with hubby around.

A video on the curling part would REALLY help. I'm trying to imagine what you mean but I haven't had my second cup of coffee today so I'm struggling. LOL.

Nancy from MA.

michelle said...

so what i'm going to do is grown my hair our so that when you come to boston later his year and i am so pregnant i can barely walk, you can make my hair look AMAZING. good? good.

christy said...

I still don't understand the curl down thing. Also what size curling iron do you use? Are you serious you don't have to use hair spray? Please post a muted video. Any idea how the little mermaids keeps her hair full and wavy under the sea?

Danielle S. said...

Oh my gosh, that was fantastic! you look gorgeous with no make up! (btw i am a chilhood friend of the myre girls: christy green and laura flick). i have been reading your blog for months now and love it. um, so you have definitely given me some inspiration to "do" my hair rather than the "go to messy bun" as the previous poster stated. but yes, can you post the video?!?!?! please :)

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous! you have inspired me to go buy a curling iron ... not sure if I can get my hair to do that or not. But I want to try. You are so pretty. Thanks for sharing some of your beauty wisdom. :)

kalle said...

ugh. i miss you and your pretty head.

kellybollman said...

My nappy wave and your nappy wave are like twins or best friends. :)

Ginny Elizabeth said...

beautiful. beautiful. thanks for the tips... i love knowing other people like nappy hair, and only do their hair twice a week- it's refreshing.

you are too kind to not post the video. but i bet it's precious.

i miss you. your beautiful face. and your fabulous hairrrr. xo.

LJ said...

twice a week with touch ups, i knew i liked you.....we're like..kindred hair spirits of some sort. babypowder...gets ya an extra day or

Amy said...

What size curling iron do you currently use? And is this still how you style it? I seriously have hair envy. Your hair is GORGEOUS!!!!

Amy said...

Would you PLEASE do a video??? I would be so incredibly grateful!!! I bet lots of others would too (I always see those hair comments on IG) ;)