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Sunday, March 14, 2010

pretty things

Here are some things I'm working on. Or have already worked on.

This bag was one of my favorite things we got at our Mars Hill women's retreat, which I was super-super-super honored to do the logos for.

My first manly project was for Kevin Mackey, a member of Mars Hill who has just started a blog on fatherhood, music, & business. His site is still a work in progress, but have your husbands check it out for sure!

I'm trying to be a little more careful with my time to make sure my bebes are getting all they need from me, but that is really just freeing me up to work on only my favorite, favorite projects! Some of these projects-in-progress include some canvases for friends, a fun baby shower invitation, and my first wedding invitation - all getting wrapped up!

But, by far - my favorite design project so far...
doing the branding for the talented Kelly Bollman.
Kelly has been one of my sister's best friends since college and I've loved her the whole time I've known her. We worked together at Shandon Baptist when I was in college & our kids love to pray for her family.

So we're getting her a GREAT website to show it off.
In the meantime, visit her blog here.

Here is what we've got going so far for her... her business card design!

And a few of you have been asking on here about pricing. I'll let you know I'm doing everything hourly right now. No different prices for invitations or blog header or cards or anything. Everything is hourly and the rate is still quite cheap while I'm getting my junk together!
Email me if you have a project in mind and we'll see what we can work out!

In the meantime... I'll leave you with my FAVORITE time consuming projects.

Just a sun-drenched, Sunday-morning, two-year-old-birthday breakfast.
Be still my heart.


inthemiddleoflife said...

love your work - both the graphic design and the children design:)
Plus, I love that last pic of Benja. I really thought he was going to be another Nick clone until this shot. Now I see the perfect combo of both of you in him.
love you, momma

MollyinMinn said...

Great projects, talents and adorable kids! Happy to have stumbled across your blog, it's great!

Hilary Surratt said...

your kids are too cute! I love how they are watching the little mermaid in the background! :) Love that movie!

Jill said...

OHMY GOSH! benjamin is looking more like your oldest (well, i've only seen him in pics). what a ham! those critical eyes of glory's are too funny, too! <3 xoxo <3

michelle said...

ummm, benja, did you turn into a little man overnight or something?!?!

love your talents...i want some more of your talents all up over my blog header, girl :)

kellybollman said...

one of my friends told me I was famous because I was linked on your blog. I think she's right. I love "my" design! :)