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Sunday, April 18, 2010

crazy week

What a crazy week coming up.
Nick and I just looked at our schedule and said, "well... see you next Monday!". Between him working extra hours and jobs and having grad school this weekend and me having a few random events - we're not both home one night together.
Thankfully the Lord sustains.
Also thankfully we hit up the library together this weekend.

When the husband's away, the wife will read.

I wish I could pretend that I just pulled a random bunch of books together to make a good picture but I'm actually literally reading all of these books right now. Do I have literary commitment issues?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Badly! When I get to read for "fun" and not school, I jump around like crazy. This past weekend I took Ruthless Trust (Brennan Manning) and also Confessions of a Shopaholic with me to the beach. I get So Long Insecurity tomorrow from Amazon! Too bad next weekend school starts up again...

inthemiddleoflife said...

LOVE the new layout.
Need to contract you for mine - you can see I've messed it up again:)

no's a crazy week for me too. love you and your designing/reading heart! momma

lauren said...

tell me about your reading in the area of gluten free cooking.
also, i'm bummed that this weekend is re:train and not the following weekend because troy's gone that last weekend in april and we could have been husband-free together (with is not healthy like gluten-free)

Dave and Rachel said...

I am reading gospel powered parenthood too, sort of...I am reading blogs...ok, I will get back to you about my blog design one day I promise!

kellybollman said...

Is it bad that I find it quite humorous that "Skinny Bitch" is nestled right over "Father, Son, Holy Spirit." just makes me giggle a bit

Karly said...

I see you got shopping for time :) Hope you like it!