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Monday, April 5, 2010

I can't stop.

Help me. I can't stop myself.
It's 9:06pm and I need to make a grocery list, go to sleep, work on design stuff, do some laundry. Something other than what I'm doing.
What is that?
Putting together outfits to fit the event/blog design pics from yesterday's blog.

#1: Playdate goodness.

Ok - is anyone else in dire need of a romper? I need one stat. And I know these shorts look shorty-short, but keep in mind I'm five-foot-short and these would reach my calves basically. No one alert the modesty police.

#2: Coffee date delight.

Granted, those bangles would get annoying if I was typing - but the hint of purple would just make me smile each time I saw it. And can you see those flats are STUDDED? And at the end of the day: cropped boyfriend jeans + an americano = happiness.

Lastly, the at home date.

I need those pants ten minutes ago. Cropped Linen Slouchy Yoga pants. All words I like. And for all of my real-life friends who don't believe I'd actually wear a short sleeve shirt (I have issues) - you should know, I'm on my way to reformed. I even wore a short sleeve shirt in public a week ago. Without puking from anxiety.

Now, for the real kicker.
Everything is from Forever 21 and everything is under $20.
Go buy it allllll!

And you're welcome to vote on these too, but most importantly I'd rather you blog about this yourself so I can see you "dream" outfits. (I suppose my real dream outfits would come from Yves Saint Laurent or something... this is like the semi-realistic-but-not-really dream outfit).


Milovy said...

I love this post so very much. Can I copy it and make my dream outfits too? Some of them are already on my page from my last post though.

Jessi said...

Kara - your fashion Thursday post inspired but PLEASE do it again! Please!

kellybollman said...

hey I just ordered shirt #2! :) which means my taste just may be up to par... woohoo

Marilee said...

I want those three outfits SO badly! you would be adorable in the romper, how fun!

Megan at My Heart, My Home said...

De-lurking here...Loved these outfits. And esp. loved the pricing :) Needing your help: I feel as if I'm in fashion no-WOman's land at present... stuck between liking some 'junior' fashions, but dealing with a mom body...and I'm still thin. But nothing seems to work! Junior fashions are generally sized much smaller and even the larges are too tight. Also trying to look age-appropriate is downright hard..I'm 27. Some places I generally like, but alas cannot afford are: Anthropologie, JCrew, LOFT. Any other ideas??? And you mentioned you're short in a post...I'm 5'3"..would you advise gladiator sandals or not? Sorry about all the crazy questions....