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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my day in pictures

Yesterday I made some homemade butter which is THE EASIEST thing in the world. Heavy whipping cream & a little bit of ice cold water in the blender. It is DELICIOUS. The only problem, now I want to eat butter constantly.

UGH - this is seriously my favorite mail gift ever. EVER. Remember those mugs I blogged about? My mom sent them to me! And you know what, I LOVE the cute little metal holder. They just fit right there, perfectly and I love them. Love them. Thank you mama.

I call this picture "mommy just wanted to watch oprah".

I NEVER watch Oprah. I never watch adult tv during the day, ever. I know what will happen. Complete rebellion. But today, the cast of Glee was on Oprah and I wanted to see it so bad. So I set up the kiddos with some coloring and Benja and I sat in front of the tv for about 3.5 seconds. This is what we came back to.

And I call this picture, "almost a sleepover". Could those two BE any cuter? I love you, Silas.

It was a really beautiful Wednesday.
Butter, four napping kids under four, coffee, about fifteen seconds of Oprah.


erin said...

homemade butter?! awesome! is much cheaper than regular butter or is it just more delicious?

Mere said...

Those pictures of Elias and Glory are hilarious! I'm not sure if you thought so yesterday, but I sure did enjoy them.

Angela said...

I soo thought of you while watching the oprah glee show! loved it. but love these pics more....miss you! by the way I do "jessi hair" alllll the time now. I am sure my mother thanks you for the inspiration to take down my "doo doo roll."

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Love the pictures. Is that a breadmaker I see behind those mugs?

michelle said...

i'm kind of dying at the near simultaneous marker mishaps east and west coast. a momma's got to do what a momma's got to do :)