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Thursday, May 13, 2010

little bit of legacy

I'm horrible at scrapbooking and I keep having REALLY good intentions to order some photo books from Walmart, but I keep forgetting. Some day, some day.
So I worry about legacy - how will my kids know about these early days, because I sure won't remember. I mean, I hope I remember some things... but I barely remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday.

So, this little OCD part of my life brings me a bit of comfort.

My notebooks. ahhhh.

I use my notebooks for everything. Usually every morning, I write down our day's schedule and what we need to get done as well as things on my heart I want to pray about. I keep my notebook out all day, or handy at least, to make notes, update our lists, etc. I also write all my notes/thoughts/prayers in there while I'm reading the Bible. AND I put all recipes/grocery lists/blog ideas/ notes from conversations I want to remember.

These are just the notebooks I've used since October. Yikes.
I also go through a lot of pens.

So, if anything, if I NEVER find time to make some scrapbooks, which I hope isn't the case - at least my kids can read these. And see a small little piece of our life.

So.... how do you do legacy? Memories? Any tips?
Any volunteers to come make my scrapbooks for the last three years?


suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i'm not a scrapbooker either. ic an barely print pictures, let alone embellish them with little stickers and fancy scissors!

i don't even have notebooks, so you're one ahead of me! i have the blog:)

Billy & Megan said...

hey stranger! just saw your blog on your facebook post - it's good to "see" you :)

megan (montgomery) clark

michelle said...

right now, it's all my blog, too :) i can't for the life of me get pictures printed, and heaven only knows how many notebooks i've started (and never finished). i like how all-inclusive you are in your notebooks. it makes writing about life attainable if it doesn't need to be sorted, separated, and filed in areas of notebooks.

AND i just realized how crazy i am. officially.

anyways, i adore scrapbookers, my mum and sister do a lot of that, but i know i will probably never be one of "them". so i capture the legacy through photographs (that mainly sit on my hard drive) and my blog (which is like my version of scrapbooking)

erin said...

it's like the biggest chore in the world to figure out which pics to print out. i'm mid-way through a simple photo album (not a scrapbook) but it still seems like a big task. I think I just need to take an evening at the computer, decide, and place. an. order. Phew.

The all-inclusive notebooks are a great idea and will definitely be a source of sweet memories! I need to start doing something like that...i imagine it helps keeps things collected instead of ideas exploding everywhere and getting lost. Ever since stopping work I start each day with an "um. um. um. what to do first...this? no, this?"

That has got to change. Notebook. Yes.

Anonymous said...

there was an oprah show where the mom had boxes for each kid... and she saved stuff they made, pieces of their fav. clothes they wore out (that dress you wont take off=) and drawings, from each year of life, and gave it to them when they turned 21 =)


inthemiddleoflife said...

i say keep them in the spiral notebooks and let your kids scrapbook them when they get older and have time! that's what I'm planning to do:)

kellybollman said...

don't do scrapbooks either. I put photos in albums... had to start fresh. I'm missing the years of 2005-2008 - oh well... that will be my some day!