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Sunday, May 16, 2010

moving on up.

If I was a bragger, I would not be able to keep myself from bragging about my husband's hard work in grad school this year. Thankfully I'm not because he'd be blushing and I'd be sinning. I'll tell you this much - he's in the middle of getting a master's degree in ONE YEAR which means thousands of pages of reading and hundreds of pages of writing. And when he told me his grades so far, I was SHOCKED. He's not just getting by, he's taking care of business. Ok, let me stop before I start bragging.

The real dilemma, what in the world do I wear to his graduation?
What do I wear to say "Are you serious, you genius?! Good job! I can't believe you got a master's degree in a year and still are the greatest husband and dad on earth!!!!" Here are some things I'm thinking.

simple & sophisticated

colorful & playful?

on the road to elegant?

or, all out dressssssssed up?

No matter what, Nick and I have decided I WILL be wearing nude heels.
I think I decided a year ago I was going to do that, in this post.
oops. For real this time, I will.

Also, let's be for real.
I would say, "vote on these and I'll buy one!".
But ya'll know I'm going to go to Ross and try to find something for $8.
I'll let you know how it goes:)


Jackie said...

so if ross has the colorful and playful dress (for $8), you should go for that. i think you would look lovely in it. :)

Lexi said...

hmmm... good choices! I think all out dressed up is my favorite just because how many times do you really get to get that dressed up! That said, whatever he will enjoy you in the most (simple one is classy, playful one is sexy and adorable, on the road to elegant is sassy but pretty much your style so it might be fun to push the envelope a little). BTW, I know I mainly comment on the voting posts... I get scared to write more serious comments ;) Love you Jess - you will look Beautiful no matter what you wear and CONGRATS Nick!

Leigh said...

2 and 3 are my favorites, i am really split between the two, you will look beautiful in whatever you pick though!

staci said...

i re-watched the blindside this weekend and was re-inspired to get nude heels. they're hard to find (affordably!) let me know where you find yours. only mine have to be kitten heels bc let's be honest, i can't be walking around nursing homes all day in stilettos :) you're going to look awesome. good job nick!

Mellu said...

I have to say either simple and elegant (but not strapless), or my fav... all dressed up!

erin said...

hey look! #1 for 8.50!:

F21 just blows my mind sometimes.

also: I remember Niels mentioning observing a "parenting moment" b/t Nick and one-year-old Elias when we were first pregnant, and he was really impressed and encouraged to be that kind of dad. And congrats on being done, that is HUGE.

kellybollman said...

I own the last one! I got it for $24 at Sears of all places...
:) wearing it to my brother's wedding
But I like the other ones even more!

michelle said...

umm, what's ross? and how do i get there?!
ANY little number, $8 or $88, with a pair with nude heels and a great accessory is going to be perfect!

i'm So loving the defined waist right now. i am not, however, loving that's it's back in vogue when i'm pregnant! ugh. now i HAVE to shop in the maternity section. barf.