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Monday, May 17, 2010

thank me later

This is my new favorite recipe, EVER.
faux-pancake-healthiness is my name for it.

Two egg whites, one whole egg, teaspoon or so of vanilla (I'm not a measurer), and a big old dollop of honey. Whip that all together with a fork.

Griddle it like a pancake.
(if you use a pan, it would probably make a better shape, but I happen to like mine looking like africa a little)

Flip it like a pancake.
Put maple syrup on it, apples, berries, bananas, whatev.
Pretend like it's a pancake.

It's gluten free! Dairy free! Healthy! Natural! Delicious!
It's my new favorite breakfast.
And in all truth... don't thank me. Thank Bethenny Frankel!
I read it in her awesome book!


Anonymous said...

jessi. you just made a vanilla-honey egg. what the hay? hahaha. it's probably b/c i'm pregnant, but dang gina, i need some CARBS. you are just cute. love, jill

Mary Beth said...

I would have to amen that comment. but I'm pregnant too, so carbs are my best friend. maybe next year but I'm glad YOU love it - this is the important part!

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i've made these south beach pancakes, and they're good:

i use a seven grain blend instead of straight oats. it has the souped up protein with some whole carbs for good measure;)

erin said...

hilarious africa egg breakfast! throw some buckwheat and almond milk in that bad boy and you've got a nice g-free crepe! i did that last week, pretty yum.

mares-e-dotes said...

trying this asap! yum!

Rachel said... i'm wodnering what the calorie count for that is. couldn't be too much. do you cook up breakfast every morning? most times we are doing something quick, but i may try it.

Iris said...

I made this this morning, and it was good! It's like French toast without the toast. I did one egg white instead of two, but it was fine. I sprinkled cinnamon on top and added sliced strawberries. Not a pancake exactly, but very healthy! "Arizona, gotta get some protein in ya!"