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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

pictures that sting

Today I was rummaging through our computer and came across these. Here are just a few of the ones that stung my heart a little. Because seriously, is it going this fast?

fall of 08.

this is the day I found out I was pregnant with Benja.
I'm not sure I can even remember Glory's hair this short, now that it's practically longer than mine.

one of my favorite mother/child pics ever. And my favorite memories.
Thanks Lauren for snapping these.

I cannot believe that Elias' hair was actually that long.
Or that Benja's is basically that long now.

The day Glor had eye surgery. Breaks my heart a little.

Oh hi Benjamin, I mean Elias. This is when we gave him the puppy that Staci gave him for his 1st birthday. Now, it's missing all the stuffing and it's a light brown color - but he still sleeps with his puppup every night.

Benja, day one.

My first little best-friend-baby.

a special day.

when she is so feisty these days, I'm not sure why I'm surprised.


Amy H. said...

Looking back at old pictures amazes me. It seems like yesterday - but at the same time it seems like sooo long ago.

ps - Those are some mighty awesome pjs that miss glory is wearing in that last picture ;) it amde my day to see that pic again.

Angela said...

dang. those are soo good. i have loved watching your family grow over the years. what a fabulous timeline to look back on and ohh soo much goodness to come!

kim said...

Those just make me cry a little. What sweet sweet days those are and are still to come. Can't get over the one of Elias, you and Glory (on her first day) in the hospital. Makes me so excited for our little moment w/ Davis and Cole when he finally meets him. ;)
Love you.

michelle said...

i actually can't take that very first picture of elias. it's just TOO handsome.

staci with an i said...

oh i have tears (picture w/ pup made my day). i remember little e that size so well. he's still that size in my head :) wish we were CLOSER

marilee said...

can't even talk about it.