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Thursday, July 15, 2010

shirts for sweeties

If you've been hanging around the blog for any amount of time, you know we love adoption around here. Nick and I worked for a non-profit ministry that served unwed teen moms and saw some really beautiful adoptions up close that ignited our hearts for the whole idea. It seems very simple, and becomes clearer with each biological child I have... these babes, these bodies and souls who need love and care, have me. And while I'm not supermom, I love the junk out of them and would lay down my life for them. So the fact that there are a reported 210 million orphans in the world today makes me just want to lose it. 210 million kiddos who need desperately to be held and fed and loved and told some good news.
It's a little staggering.

So, it's a big part of our future, our family's future in some way and we're trying to listen to the Lord about that. But for now, we want to do what we can to help others walk toward adoption - either domestically or internationally. Our friends, the Ladds, have been in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and are now selling some sweet little tshirts to help fund their adoption. They're a beautiful teal with the words "hope" and the amharic (official ethiopian language) word for hope. On the back is a picture of Africa, along with Matthew 12:21.
But hey, no need to tell you about it. Here they are:)

makes a cute toddler dress:)

sizes for mamas too (and daddies)

the back

For reference, in these pictures Elias & Glory are wearing a size "youth medium" and I'm wearing an "adult small". Benja is not wearing any because he is a little too grubby & I worried he's mess one up.

The point is... buy one. They're $20, plus $3 for shipping. You can follow this paypal link to donate to their adoption or buy a tshirt. And then I'll ship you one!
Minus the sweet bebe in it.
Youth & adult sizes!
Let's help bring two of the 210 million home.
email me at for more details.

**** update: apparently my paypal for the Ladd's isn't working, so head over to their blog and us the paypal located on their sidebar to pay. Then you can comment over here (or email) to let me know your sizes needed and address!


Leigh said...

thank you thank you thank you! I hope I get to hug your pretty little neck when you head south!!!

Rachel said...

When I click on the link - it just takes me into paypal but not to Leigh's site/store. Can you help me know what to search for?

Joe and Melissa said...

I'm guessing you don't ship to uganda, huh? :/

The Noy Maker said...

That is SO AWESOME! Our friends we went to Charleston Southern with are in the last stages of their adoption from Ethiopia! Here is a link to her blog if you want to share with your friends!

By the way, I wrote a really long comment to you about the Gospel Community website and what the Lord is doing in your lives and it totally got deleted and I was totally mad! BUT, I LOVE the website and the vision the Lord has given you guys! We are praying for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the people in Boston and for Him to pour out his blessing on the Connolly family! We are so excited to watch and be praying for this next chapter:-)

Jessica Noy

Anonymous said...

can these be paid for by check instead of paypal?

Kara said...

What a great idea! I might "borrow" that idea for our adoption as well - not the exact tshirts of course but the fundraiser itself.