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Monday, September 27, 2010

my thrift update, #1

Please tell me ya'll read Erin's post last week about thrifting/yard sale-ing/general stylishness. If you didn't - pause now & go check it out. 

Well, I took Erin's challenge and combined it with my mom's lingering plea to get me to join her for "goodwill friday". She & her sweet best friend spend every Friday together, getting coffee or lunch and combing Goodwill - where they find the GREATEST deals ever. I was skeptical - but she promised her Goodwill location was stellar and she offered to foot the bill. Little did I know, I'd get a WHOLE wardrobe for about $30. 

So here is the first installment, just what I happened to be wearing on Sunday plus some homegoods that may very well change the course of history (too much?). 

- cutey nautical top +
- jeggings +
- super duper old Old Navy heels =
incredibly cheap outfit. Like $8 cheap.

And then, just to show you some versatility - this is how it morphs from a 
"to-church-on-a-rainy-Sunday-outfit" into a "reading-and-planning-at-starbucks-outfit", here's what happens when you add another two Goodwill purchases. 

Yoga pants + cheery yellow sweater = unexpected nautical? I think so. 
Also, here is an upclose detail of that cutie little shirt. It's Banana Republic, found at the GW boutique for $3. 

Shoulder embellishments, yes. Yes, please. 

Three things I'd like to point out here. 
#1. I love that man more than life itself. 
#2. A white headband really pulled the outfit together better. 
#3. That magenta nail polish is really helping the groove situation. 

Wait! Don't go yet! 
Not into clothes? How about second-handing it for home goods?!

Confession: I do not have fine china. When Nick and I got married, we were about to finish college and a)didn't crazy crave china b)didn't cook or host people and c)didn't know what sort of style we'd want forever. So we opted to wait. But lately, I've been craving some fine china. Well, what do you know? On Saturday, at an estate sale down the street from my mom's house - there was a BEAUTIFUL sixteen piece set of this Mikasa Momentum set! That I LOVE! It was marked as $25, but reduced as the day went on and late in the afternoon, my mama snagged it for me at half price! Is that for real? I'm in love with it!  

 and then, oh then. 

this beaut. 
My favorite goodwill find of all. 
A vintage happy-place-future-kitchen-quiet-teal ice crusher. 
Real life friends know that a good crushed ice is like a balm to my soul.
And it's my future hopeful kitchen color!
And it's beautiful!
And it was FIVE DOLLARS!

So, if you're not convinced yet - just stick around.
Later in the week, I'm going to show you the rest of the Goodwill finds. 
There were belts and scarves and corduroys and cardigans and skirts, oh my. 
Nothing over $4. 

Thank you Erin. 
My wallet, my heart, my groove, and my husband thank you. 


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

you look incredible! no really. incredible. inside and out you are just beautiful! of course, i've always thought that...

Annie said...

Seriously you look amazing and I LOVE that china.

the tofts said...

THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING BOUT! Love everything, unexpected nautical, headbands and china you didn't know you wanted. it's all a little too exciting.

Page@ThriftyNiftyWise said...

Yay for thrifting! Once I started, I can't even go into TJ Maxx without feeling like it's overpriced :)

Laura said...

I love this!! You made some really great finds! Way to go girl!

We also do not have china. Pretty much I felt like that was just something too pricey to register for as wedding gifts, so we just simply didn't - even though some people thought I was nuts and missing my chance! ha!

However, if I stumbled upon the china set your mom got you for a deal, I would definitely have it because that is a very classic set for a great price!

And that teal ice crusher will look perfect displayed in your dream kitchen! :)

Sara said...

You look great Jessi! I love shopping at second hand stores...

Nancy said...

Great combination! The yellow jacket adds a nice little pop. I LOVE thrift stores and yard sales--going from two incomes to one has really forced me into searching these places for almost everything (and craigslist).

My dream day would be hubby watching all the little ones while I venture out checking out every thrift/antique store within 10 miles of me. That will not be for a long time but at least I score a little here and there every once in a while.

These posts are great!

Jenny said...

I love love love thrifting! It is my current obsession. I go to a thrift store at least once a week. Value Village, Goodwill, you name it I love em! It's so much fun and rewarding to buy something for $4! Thrifting for china and glassware is currently my favorite! You never know what your gonna find!

Anonymous said...

Love it all! ummm... just one thing. People in Cheraw, SC don't leave that stuff at our "goodwill"... we don't even have goodwill. (insert frowny face) BUUUUUTTTTT! When I go to HH in a couple of weeks, I'm headed to their goodwill for sure. Very much inspired.

Jessi said...

Candice, Annie, thank you. Too encouraging.

etoft, it is TOO exciting! What is your next tutorial going to be?!

Page, I'm now obsessed with your blog, can't wait to follow along!

Thank you Sara, and there is great second hand shopping in Seattle!

Nancy - love that craigslist too!

Jenny! please start writing your food blog again! I keep checking!

Kelly, you're just going to have to come up here and do some with Katie and i!