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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this little light of mine

This morning during our "homeschool" preschool time, we were singing "this little light of mine". I thought it might be wise to youtube some varying performances, you know - to broaden their muscial perspectives. Bluegrass, gospel, country, etc.

During this lovely bluegrass version of the song, Glory said, "oh! mom, you're in the dress! And there's Jesus (with the guitar) and Daddy (with the banjo)!". I'm not sure what would be more of a miracle - me and Nick getting to sing with Jesus on earth, or my husband playing the banjo.


Jill said...

you should SEE laila dancin! first relief from her stupid mouth blisters she's had all morning :(

Angela said...



kim said...

can i join the band?!

Jessi said...

Jill, so glad we could help:) It was a good rendition of the song, right? Kim- you're in. You're on tambourine, mmmk?

Jill said...

you're talkin' to a bluegrass lover. grew up going to a festival every thanksgiving day. YES, loved it.