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Monday, October 11, 2010


Here's a life update. 

Last week I didn't blog, totally unintentionally. 
I just couldn't fit it in. I was busy shifting my perspective. 
We're still not in Boston, but here's an example of a perspective shift. 
Perspective 1: We're still not in Boston, boo. I hate being a burden to family and fundraising is hard and living in transition is hard and this is so scary and what if the Lord isn't good and what if He called us to something too hard for us to even start?!

Perspective 2: Still not in Boston, but things are progressing! God is moving on our behalf and my husband is graciously moving slowly and surely to provide for us, so we don't rush into a bad situation financially! It's a little tough to feel like we're in the way all the time, but instead of dwelling on how we feel like a burden - we're trying to be a blessing! Serve where we're at! Love people where we're at! Preach the gospel to our little family day in and day out to practice how we're going to preach it (with our words and lives) in Boston! We're here now, but we'll be there soon!

You like how that works? 
Me too:) 
But it takes about a whole week of non-blogging to shift into that. 

Now let me tell you something sweet about transition. 
If you find yourself in the process of fundraising to plant a church and living with your best friends/family and in a house with six children under seven - rejoice! What fun! But also, have a plan for 4pm. 
Because if you thought 4pm was grim with 3 kids, it's a whole 'nother story with 6. And thus, we invented 4pm driveway time. 

The Rubes (my beautiful gestational sister) and I just block the driveway off with a car, pull out scooters, bikes, tricycles, helmets, balls, chalk, and whatever else our children seem to be interested in. Then we grab two chairs for ourselves, a cup of coffee, some magazines, and we make it till dinner time. 
Some might see driveway time as a burden, but you're so wrong. 
It's a blessing. 
A miracle even. 

*please note: beautiful pregnant Ruby was absent this day from driveway time, so Hunkle Nick stepped in and assisted. And then all of the children assisted him in prepping Walters Baby Quatros crib! Babies and sanders! Wonderful combo:) 


Laura said...

I am a huge fan of the perspective change! And while I was hopeful you would soon be headed to Boston, I have to admit that I am thrilled that my transitional friend is hanging around in-person longer than I expected! You are so right about your new perspective being here to serve here! From the outside looking in, I can see that you have been a huge blessing to your family! (not to mention how much of a blessing you are to me!) Thank you for being you while you're stuck in the middle! :)

And I think driveway time looks like a barrel of fun!!!! Way to tackle the 4PM issue with a plan of attack! I have no "gestational sisters" so seeing you & Katie is super cool! I love the way you love each other!

And Glory's faces....precious! I love that child! (actually, I love all of your children, but she thinks I'm a princess and I won't dare tell her differently!) :)

Thanks for writing your new perspective! It was great to hear it last night when we chatted, so seeing it reaffirmed in writing is wonderful and inspirational! I look forward to more of Jessi's inspiration - including but not limited to tomorrow morning's bridge run! :)

Leigh said...

A deep breath and a new perspective can go a looong way. I always have a hard time with sticking with that new one and not falling back to the old one.

And driveaway time sounds like the most brilliant idea! I just made a post it note in my head of that idea. Hopefully it won't get lost in the shuffle.

Anonymous said...

it must feel like a giant party. just roll with it, girl. life's a blink, then we're gone. i know how you like structure (as do i). but this season, you gotta just love and roll, ya know?

i'm self-preaching. this 3 under 3 thing is the hardest thing i have ever, EVER done. bedtime by myself?! lots of weeping and gnashing of swollen gums.


They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

oh you cute mommies you... Your new perspective is great! Driveway time looks like a blast and I hope that you have many sunny days ahead during your transition!
P.S. I love Glory's hair!!

kellycowan said...

i like. praying for y'all still. and love the driveway time idea. genious.

Kara said...

This is so unrelated to your very thoughtful blog, but you look skinny woman! I saw that full body shot behind the kids. Hot dang!

Kellie said...

this blog absolutely put words to my feelings and shifts in perspective I've had lately. My hubby and I are here in Charlotte transitioning to plant a church in Boston as well. We were actually scheduled to launch this month...but we all know what happens when we make plans...God changes them!! So, we too are in the waiting, wondering, and fundraising stage. I don't want to sound stalkerish or creepy in any way, but I would LOVE to connect with you! I too have/had 3 kids under the age of 3...they are 7, 6, and 4 now. Anyway, thanks for posting and I will be praying for you and your sweet family as you make the venture to Boston too spread the love of Jesus and His Gospel there!!