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Thursday, September 30, 2010

weekend plans.

Somewhere along the way, I started to measure my weekend excitement level by what I'd be cooking over the few family days we have. If I'm using that scale, this is gonna be a good one. Here's where you'll find me this weekend. 

- I have a big old acorn squash waiting for me in the fridge to try this. Some roasted acorn squash from Kath Eats. 
- I made this vegan pumpkin bread the other day, but didn't measure so exactly and used not very finely ground flax seeds. I'm going to try it AGAIN but measure this time and use Chia seeds instead of flax. 
- My husband has put in a request for us to perfect our own Connolly-family hummus. I'm going to start here.
- Definitely will be pumping out some of Carissa's cookies.
- I made brussel sprouts twice this week and neither times were spectacular. I'm going to give it a shot once more this weekend with Ina's help.
- aaaaaand... maybe these quinoa muffins for my sweet new friend Laura

But while I'm at it, here's a recipe for YOU. 
sweet potatoes, for breakfast. 
1 sweet potato, cut in cubes
microwave for about six minutes
splash with some almond milk
top with granola & a drizzle of honey

aaaaaaand, while I'm being a little bit random. 
Some housekeeping: I'm trying to figure out how best to respond to comments. The other day, I enabled this system that made me able to comment back to other comments individually, but when I installed it - it deleted all my old comments, which made me sad. So my gameplan from now on is going to be responding to comments in the comment section. Maybe no one cares about that, but it gives me a nice system to respond to my kindly internet friends. Until I find a better system.

Happy weekend! 


Nancy said...

Quinoa that's excellent. I've tried black bean brownies but this is sure to give you some nutritional value.

We had brussel sprouts this week. I just roasted them with some olive oil and sea salt - the key is to roast them until they turn slightly brown. The leaves that came apart tasted just like roasted kale chips. Yum.

the tofts said...

sounds great! i made those exact same brussels this week, and tossed them with some wheatberries for a little more volume. good stuff!

Anonymous said...

We love brussel sprouts! Half them, then saute with some caramelized onions. Sprinkle with salt & pepper. The littles even LOVE them.

And I judged weekends too by the food. :)

Laura said...

I just realized I never commented to you about the shout-out in this post!! Can I tell you how much IT MADE MY DAY?!!!! In fact, it still does! I look forward to us finding more time together! Seriously, I love you and your babes! And I would love to dance with your toddlers....sounds like a good time to be had!! :)