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Friday, December 3, 2010

a glory story for a Friday

I'm going to be totally honest with you. 
All Glory does is make me laugh these days. 
She's just the funniest, most sweetest, most rebellious, most beautiful lady I've ever met. 
(her rebellion DOES not make me laugh, but I almost always have to stifle laughter when I'm correcting it because she does something silly)

Last year, as Christmas approached, Glory added dress-up-holiday-characters to her list of irrational fears. Go here to learn about the polar bear that gave her nightmares for months. Last night, we went to a little pre-Christmas event here in Columbia with some new friends and as soon as I saw the massive make believe snowman dancing in front of the stage, I knew we were in trouble. She immediately clawed up Nick and I found the furthest corner of the event from the snowman and planted herself there. From her comfy-snowmanless-spot, she eyed him carefully and constantly updated us on what he was doing. I was just thankful she never got the chance to clock him like she did the thing last year. 

Sidebar - sweet Glor is loving praying lately. Being prayed for, praying herself, hearing others pray. I love how her Father has already made her heart to long to be in prayer. A few times a day, she'll curl up in my lap and sweetly fold her hands on her cheek and whisper, "pray to me, mama". Meaning of course, pray for me. Because she's mixed up the "to" and "for". 

Back to the Christmas event - they took a moment to stop and pray at the Christmas Tree Lighting (which was refreshing and odd to be in a city where non-church events include prayer), and Glory immediately crawled up in my lap and folded her hands against her cheek. But when it got a little long-winded and she couldn't quite hear, she looked at me and screamed loudly at the top of lungs, 
"They're praying to the snowman?! Are they praying to the snowman or are they praying to me?!"

(also, true story: I took this picture back in August - just seconds before the great face bustup of 2010.  It kind of still makes me shiver:))


inthemiddleoflife said...

love this. LOVE this girl - both of you. love how you capture HER so perfectly in words and how you challenge US with those crazy Glor statements. Give them hugs from Non until I can make a run up there...

darien paris said...

oh my goodness i love this so much. i wish i could meet her little sassy self.

danielle @ take heart said...

she is adorable!

on sunday @ my church we had a pastor who is church planting in boston speak. our church supports him financially and he and his family shared their hearts for the Lord and for boston. they have been there one month and are just settling in and getting started. i thought of you when he spoke.

here's the website he shared with us:

have a beautiful day!

Leigh said...

oh Glory girl! I need some snuggles with her soon! And I have to say it totally cracks me up that this tiny little lady that seems so fearless and wide open is so afraid of characters.....but really, who can blame her? they are kinda creepy.