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Monday, December 13, 2010

house of rest, gettin' all settled.

Our little house just keeps turning more and more into a home!
Christmas decorations sure don't hurt. 

While our almost four year old Christmas purist was NOT happy about a bird on the top of the tree instead of a star, mommy found this sweet metal bird at a yard sale for a $1 and couldn't pass it up. 

And THEN! OH THEN! On Sunday our Grandpa-pop-pop and Grandma Gwen brought us this beautiful, out-of-this-world table that Nick's dad had MADE. He's crazy talented and this is by far the most beautiful family table I've ever seen. 

It's made like picnic table, but with so many beautiful and intricate details. It's huge and we can have many, many, many people over to dinner on it. You could seat like 16 kids at this thing. 

Did I mention he MADE it? How did I marry into such a talented family? 

Hosting people is kind of like Nick and I's community love language. After months of being in other peoples homes, we're so ready to have people over it's not even funny. We're so thankful for this table not only for some sweet peaceful times for our own family, but also to bless other families as well. 

My new favorite spot in the house. 

And a close up of our tree. When we decided to settle in Columbia temporarily, I was so bummed about missing our stuff (all still back in Seattle in storage, waiting to get to Boston). When I realized I wouldn't have OUR Christmas ornaments, I actually shed a good number of tears. In the past I've gone so far as to blog about my favorite ornaments

I think the ornaments are the perfect example of this season though. We thought we'd be so bummed to miss our own stuff, to take this little detour before Boston - and the Lord is meeting all our needs and so much more. We've both decided this is our favorite tree ever - piled high with gifted ornaments, yard sale finds, and pinecones from the bountiful harvest of our yard. As I write, Nick and Elias are having their devotional time together at our beautiful new table and we have more than we deserve, could ask or imagine. Wait, wait - as I kept writing, another friend dropped off a gift of special ornaments for each of the children. I'm not kidding.
 It might be hard to rest with so many blessings. 


Laura said...

Oh Jessi, my heart just swelled with this post! I swear my favorite writings ever from you have been the "house of rest" posts. There is just something about the simplicity and the little things that I also find to be the biggest blessings. I also love the sneak peek into your sweet home! It is PERFECT! And you have it decorated beautifully! May I just mention that the dining table is PERFECT! I adore it! It fits you all perfectly and is gorgeous! You are so right about having talented family....hmmmm maybe I should take up woodworking....creations like that table can't be beat!

We are also living a simple life right now. Just in a different way. Like you, all of our Christmas decor is in storage in another state. We opted to not have a tree or any decor this year. So I've been counting on people to send Christmas cards that I display! That is my favorite thing to look at each year anyway, so I am displaying them with pride. I also painted our pumpkin to be Christmasy. Add a few wrapped gifts and it's good enough for me. Of course, I think I'll get very excited when we do our own things back next year or the year after that or whenever, but for now I'm content to be without. Sometimes the "season of life" we're going through makes us look at other areas differently, which I know you know all too well. :)

I love you bunches! I miss your sweet smile, precious words, and fun spirit! Maybe after the first of the year we could get together for a day or addition to craving some time with you, I need to get some Seattle/Vancouver recommendations from you, sweet friend!

Did I mention I love and miss you?! Because I do! :)

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

how wonderful. and that table? gorgeous! my fatherinlaw has made us some pieces, too--such a blessing:)

i'm interested in how your family does devotional activities with pre-schoolers. would you write about that sometime?

merry christmas!

inthemiddleoflife said...

love the table. love your heart. must say i'm with E on the star, though:) you have done an amazing job listening to the Lord and making this house of rest a glory to Him!

Tiffany said...

The table is amazing! Really amazing! I love that you are getting the chance to rest. It is such a blessing for your family! Its been a total bless for me you blogging about all of this. I'm right there with you dealing with Christmas with out your stuff. Its been hard not being able to go get our tree put up everything the way our family does. It's nice to know some one else is in the same boat and dealing with it in such an amazing dignified way. It's beautiful Jessi the way you try to make the best out of everything. Its inspiring.
Btw, I love the bird!

Kristy said...

I am just LOVING this season of life for you. Elated. And your blessings are posturing my heart in a lovely place upon reading this blog. So thank you for sharing the blessings.

Abbi said...

Hi Jessi, I would just like to say that your blog rocks! Thank you for your amazing posts...I feel inspired by your stories. Hope you feel as encouraged as I do! (And it seems you do. :) )

Thanks! Abbi