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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I didn't forget!

I promised to give my prized copy of Little Women away and I didn't forget
I was really just taking a week to debate if it was fair if I picked someone, or if it needed to be totally random. I ultimately decided it was my blog, so I could make my own rules and for that reason - I'll tell you why this copy of Little Women is making it's way to Mrs. Candice Lanning of The Beautiful Mess. 

1. She is a fantastic photographer and once traded our family a fabulous photo session in exchange for staying at our house for a few days, which is truly not a fair trade so I still sort of owe her. 
2. She just a beautiful baby girl and I've been meaning to send her SOMETHING. 
3. She just had a new baby?! Who doesn't need a good book to get through those long newborn naps or sleepy nursing sessions?  
4. I really love her a lot and miss her. (Which is true for most of the others commenters as well, but the first three reasons tip the scales) 

my fave picture The Lannings shot for us. We've vowed this will be in every house we live in for the rest of our lives. Candice, email me & I'll send the book out tomorrow! 

1 comment:

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

I just saw this!!! I've been out all morning...and what a GREAT surprise to come home to! I was just having breakfast with Maria {hogan} & Amy and we were talking about this story being the perfect holiday story.

YAYAYAYAYA~~ I never win anything! So great!

p.s. You don't owe us a thing :) Love you guys and we are beyond excited about what the future holds for your amazing family.

Can't wait to tell Daniel. SO cool! Thank you!