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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Day!

I'll never forget the day back in Seattle when my sister called and quickly said, "Can you skype?". 
I knew it before she said it. 
As soon as her sweet picture came up on the screen, I said, "Are you pregnant?!"
Yes. Of course. Yes! Of Course!

Here is a letter to my Ruby and Asher on what will most likely be her last day of pregnancy. 
If I hit anything close to this letter Larlar blogged for me on Benja's baby day, I'll feel at peace. 
Reading that the morning of his birth is still one of my top three memories of my whole life. 
I just read it again and cried, cried, cried. I digress. 

Dear Rubes and/or Asher:
I'm really proud  of both of you.  Katie, you have made it to almost thirty eight weeks. For thirty eight weeks, you have absolutely lived  "putting others before yourself" every minute of every day. Always, at least  one little person - usually many little persons. And big persons.

Asher - my sweet man. I've cried for you and wept in prayer for you. My heart has gotten fluttery for you. I've bragged about you and blogged about you and I'll tell you something: I've not even begun to love  you yet. I have every intention of sneaking you lollipops (Yes, me!) and leaving lipstick on your cheeks (if I ever get coordinated enough to wear it again) and hogging you from other friends and family. I  have big plans to wear you in a baby bjorn like you're my own and host you for sleepovers and pray with you and read you stories. 

Rubes - you're my hero. I mean, you always have been. Always, but you grow more so every day. I don't  know why the Lord has written the last few months of our lives to be so tumultuous but I'm glad He wrote us near one another. I'm glad He wrote me on your air mattress for three weeks and I'm so glad He wrote me ninety miles from you on babyday.

I'm so proud of you.
Push hard.
I'll be there soon.
Love, Honey 


They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

This is beautiful... I love your relationship with Katie! This makes me to excited for Emily to start having babes!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet. I just read this at the 12am feed, so beautiful. Truly I am blessed, what a treasure you are to me, to my babes. Someone who always knows my name, has my number & battles for me like crazy in life & prayer. I adore you Honey.