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Monday, January 10, 2011

help my forehead, part 2.

I can't believe we're here again. 
I'm not sure what's more discouraging - that my forehead needs help again, or that I'm blogging about it again. But, ugh... here we go. I need bang help. 

Last February, I first asked for your help here
This was the resolution.
But you know what I did? 
A) I didn't get drastic enough bangs cut. 
B) I let those jokers grow out. 
C) I emptied the world of almost all bobby pins known to man for about six months. 
I'm right back where I started, overuse-of-bobby-pin-syndrome. 

bobby pin. benja belly.

bobby pin.
should've had a bobby pin, floppy hair in face

bobby pinning it up. even at weddings. 
So, listen. I get it. This is about the least important thing in America. 
In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter in the slightest. 
But I still need your help. 
And I promise I'll hit you up with lots of good deep & intellectual and highly spiritual thoughts for the rest of the week to make up for this frivolity. Hmmm... maybe. 
Would you please vote for which bang I should go with it. 
It's gotta be good and dramatic so I'll stick with it. 

I found this pic one of the 8,237 times I googled, "long hair with bangs". This is option A. 

this was one of my options back in Feb. and also my favorite. and also my husband's least favorite.
Let's call this Option B. 
this is my bff lauren. Also known around these parts as Larlar.
I really like Baby Winnie's bangs, but I feel like Lars would good on me too.
Let's call this Option C. 
Lastly, Option D. Nick's favorite. A thick, long sweepy bang. 
There's more important things happening in the world today I PROMISE, but if you need to feel a little light hearted or as if you're in control - vote on my bangs please. 
Fore more hair talk, have you read Hairdresser on Fire
It is the cutest place on the whole internet, except for maybe Reagan's main blog. Both I highly recommend since you're already have a whimsical, frivolous, fun Monday morning
For the sake of American's bobby pin 
endangerment situation, I beg of you. Vote. 

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