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Thursday, January 6, 2011

thriftin' it up in 2011.

I casually mentioned to Nick a month or so ago, "I think I'm going to stop buying any clothing that isn't from a thrift store for a while." We were sifting through Goodwill on a datenight and the comment came and went innocently enough, for one large reason - I rarely buy clothes as it is, so changing my pattern wouldn't be a huge adjustment. I let that thought keep rolling around in my old brain and even though it's been a long good while since I went to a normal retail store and shopped my little heart out - I came up with several good excuses why I shouldn't commit to only second-hand clothes. 

Tom's. I really wanted some Tom's shoes. I have for months. Can't buy those babies second hand. And workout clothes! Exercise clothing is impossible to find at Goodwill And ew... what if it's gross. Also, skinny jeans! I'd never be able to find vintage skinny jeans! But as I thought it over, the facts were - I didn't want Tom's because of the goodness of the company - I wanted them because of the style factor. I have found great second hand workout clothes and let's be honest - I've already admitted my favorite thing to run in is my husband's big purple t-shirt. And come on, do I REALLY need more than one pair of skinny jeans? Can you call them skinny jeans when you have to wear them with spanx?* 

Go read about it now, I won't try and sum her goodness up. 

So here is my challenge for myself this year, clothing wise and I'll also tell you my reasons. My goal is to buy absolutely no clothing items that are not second-hand. No workout clothes, no pajamas, no shoes. No belts. No purses. No scarves. Let's leave unmentionables unmentionable, because this is a family blog - ya'll. (spanx included) 

Here are the reasons. 
- I really want to take myself out of the cycle of consumerism. In general, I see how the flow of money is good for our nation - but I was contributing very little to it anyhow and I'd like to simplify my desires and if possible, whittle them down to knowing just my needs. 
- I'm not just saying I'll buy no clothing because theres some duality to this for me. Since having kids, I've had a hard time getting dressed every day. If I go to church or to see friends or somewhere out of the ordinary, I'll try and put an outfit together. If not, it's usually stretchy pants and a tank top. I'm afraid if I took the pressure off myself to look presentable for my husband, things would not go well. I want to try and be as unaffected by consumerism, while still making it a priority to be a lovely and pleasing wife. 
(though it should be noted, he doesn't hate the yoga pants)
- So in summary to the last point, I think it will be exciting to regain and renew my own personal style through my own current wardrobe and secondhand clothing.
- The Lord has blessed us with a season of peace financially (Hallllllla, Dave Ramsey!) and we're walking through some steps to live much free-er in the budget arena. I want to benefit my family in any way I can in this area and I think being intentional to document how much (how little?!) I'm spending will feel encouraging.
- Lastly, if this year is all about simple - it's also all about challenges. Working towards little attainable goals and this one feels fun and exciting. I hope it's not only a challenge for me, but an entertaining encouragement for you as well. 

Ok. Enough said. 
I may take the last little bit of my Christmas money and get ready for my first installment this weekend:) In the meantime, check out Kristy's blog. And go check out your local Goodwill, just for kicks! 

Lastly, notes from the administrative 
staff that runs naptime diaries, inc: 
ps: slowly getting the blog in some better working order. 
check out the links at the top for better navigational
 direction through this crazy mixed up world. 
ppps: *you should know I don't actually wear spanx.
 i think they're wicked uncomfortable.

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